100% Beeswax Coexist Pillar Candle

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The Beeswax Coexist in Peace Pillar is another Sunbeam Candles original! More poignant than ever in these times, the Coexist Pillars celebrate diversity and evokes the spirit of unity. The different symbols glow beautifully as the candle burns down. All Sunbeam Candles are made with 100% pure beeswax; unbleached, lead-free cotton wick; and eco-friendly dye. Bask in the benefits of negative ions while burning these candles, made with 100% sustainable solar power.

Choose from two designs:

Peace:Carved in-house at Sunbeam, this beautiful and intricate design features the symbols of 8 of the world’s major religions carved into the side of the candle overlaid onto a peace sign.

Love: This beautifully-carved design features seven gender symbol combinations set onto hearts.  The word “Coexist” is carved along the bottom of the candle.  

Crafted by Sunbeam Candles in Ithaca, NY

2.75" W by 4.75" H by 2.75" D

Burn Time: 60 hours