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About Virginia Rosenberg

Virginia Rosenberg (she/her pronouns) has been offering Intuitive Astrology readings since 2010. She has offered 3,000+ readings for clients worldwide. She reads for individuals, couples, families, and entrepreneurs - all you need is birth date, location, estimated birth time, and whatever intention you bring to the session. As a practitioner, Virginia offers readings from a spirit of service and the perspective that they are a form of natural medicine. Moving beyond information, she provides practical recommendations for how to work with the energies.

When Virginia first began offering readings, she quickly realized she was accessing information that was not solely found within the chart. Clients referred to them as ‘uncannily accurate.’ She felt she was accessing the akashic records; an etheric field akin to a spiritual library, containing details of everything that ever was, is, and potentially will be. It is also called “the Book of Life.” [Ironically, Virginia was born after her mother’s water broke while she was in their local library.]

Virginia is the Resident Astrologer for Rising Woman and Qoya. Her writings on astrology, spirituality, and society have gone viral and are used as teaching tools in meditation and study groups.

In addition to offering readings, she teaches astrology, qi gong, bellydance, and Qoya. She leads retreats internationally and at home near Asheville, NC. Studying at Emerson College in Boston and Warren Wilson College, her formal educational background includes post-colonial studies, women’s/gender studies, cultural anthropology, journalism, and documentary filmmaking. She also has extensive non-academic education in the realms of Taoist philosophy and internal martial arts, myriad forms of dance, spiritual alchemy, ritual, ceremony, and energy work.

Visit Virginia's website. She offers free New and Full Moon forecasts. You can also follow her on instagram at @virginiarosenberg

About the Readings

Astrology is an ancient symbolic language and healing art based on the observation of heavenly bodies and their influence on life on Earth. Virginia combines interpreting sky-charts with reading the intuitive field. Sessions with her are grounding, clarifying, and affirming to what you know in your soul. She works with individuals, couples, families, and entrepreneurs to empower wholeness, understanding, and transformative change.

Come with your birth date, location, and time if you have it. Exact time is not essential, but it is helpful for most accuracy. If you aren't sure what time, Virginia is still able to read for you.

2019 Availability

2019 Dates: February 3rd, 17th, 18th*, 19th* & 24th

Time: 2 to 7pm, * denotes 2 to 4pm only

Location: 80 N. Lexington Ave. Ste. B

Cost: $2.50 per minute, 15 minute minimum

Virgina accpets cash, Venmo, check, PayPal, and credit card (3% fee) payments. She will accept walk-in's and appointments.

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