Avalon Mist Wand

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Throughout history, wands have been used to direct energy, as an extension of our hands and body. Healers often use gemstone wands to emanate certain vibrations during a session, and individuals can use wands in personal meditation practices.

This Avalon Mist Wand combines the energy of water and air to help the user transcend the mundane and begin to see between the worlds. "Avalon" is a celtic concept of an island paradise, the after-realm. Sitting at its tip is a beautiful clear quartz sphere, helping to amplify pure energy and your intention.

This wand is made with 100% lead-free pewter with silver inclusions, to increase conductivity.

Created by Abby of Willowroot Wands in Fremont, California.

.75" W by 8.5" H by .75" D