Avalon's Mist

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Avalon's Mist is meant to invoke the mystical realms of Avalon, a legendary island with incredible healing and magickal properties. The creator calls these room and body mists "space shifters," and this particular one is meant to open the mind to transmissions from the Otherworld.

"As the spiral of the Ammonite Shell unwinds, what is captured in your past is set free.  Ammonite allows you to come full circle, finding your essence.  This stone is found all over Glastonbury.  Glastonbury Flint is also native to the land of Avalon and is deeply grounding.  Presili Bluestone attunes one to Stonehenge and the Presili Mountains in Wales.  Personal healing, ancestral healing and planetary healing transpire as you are invited into the womb of all time," the creator wrote.

Ingredients: essences of ammonite shell, Glastonbury flint, Presili bluestone, clear quartz capture of Glastonbury and Chalice Well Wheel of Life; essential oil of Avalon by Star Child; rosewater, chalice well water, and spring water.

Crafted by Ra Ma Kaur in Asheville, NC

2 fl. oz. 

4.5" H by 1.4" W by 1.4" D

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