Brigid Snake Wand

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Throughout history, wands have been used to direct energy, as an extension of our hands and body. Healers often use gemstone wands to emanate certain vibrations during a session, and individuals can use wands in personal meditation practices.

This pewter Snake Wand pays homage to Brigid, a pre-Christian Irish goddess, who is associated with Spring, fire, poetry, healing, childbirth, and more. The serpent represents fertility of both the body and the land, and is often affiliated with Spring as life returns to the frosted land. Brigid is currently celebrated on Imbolc, a traditional Gaelic festival held at the beginning of February each year to celebrate longer days and the first signs of springtime.

Crafted by Abby Willowroot of Willowroot Wands in Fremont, California.

11.5" L by 2.25" W by .38" D