Burning Bouquet

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These gorgeous Burning Bouquets are a shop staple! Combining locally harvested and wildcrafted flowers and herbs, these bundles are the perfect addition to your home decor, altar or sacred smoke ritual.


This Burning Bouquet contains wormwood, rosemary, cedar/cypress, globe amaranth, and rose petals. 

Wormwood, when burned, is used to cleanse, protect, improve dreams, and cast away or connect with spirits. Set intention. 

Rosemary is purifying sacred smoke used to cleanse spaces and boost one's mood. It also aids memory and cognition. 

Cedar/cypress is also cleansing when burned, while additionally offering extra protection. 

Globe Amaranth represents constant, unconditional, immortal love. 

Roses traditionally represent master creation, beauty, love, hope, and new beginnings. The burning of rose is used to purify and anoint a space, to call in divine love, raise positive vibrations, and uplift.


See our blog: "Sacred Herbs used for Purifying and Cleansing" here for more information.


Crafted by Brit Josa of Torches Ceremonials in Marion, NC


2" W x 7" H x 1.25" D