Clear Quartz Druid Memory Wand

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Throughout history, wands have been used to direct energy, as an extension of our hands and body. Healers often use gemstone wands to emanate certain vibrations during a session, and individuals can use wands in personal meditation practices.

This pewter Druid Memory Wand stands for the innermost pursuit of truth and knowledge, a magick the ancient Druids possessed. This wand carries an earthy, fiery, strong energy with hints of air and water elements. This wand has flowing pewter branches that hold a 50mm sphere at the top of the intricate wood bark patterned shaft. Many of the shaft’s knots contain tiny symbols and sacred images of Pagan, Wiccan and Celtic culture. 

Either green jade or aventurine embellishes the front of the wand as a reminder of the sacredness of green, growing energy of the Earth. 

Crafted by Abby Willowroot of Willowroot Wands in Fremont, California.

14.75" L by 2.75" W by 2.75" D