Earth Magick Team



V. Sahānā

Founder & Heart-Centered Curator


Earth Magick was born from a spiritual awakening, a call from Creator, to step onto the right path. V followed this call, igniting her heroine’s journey of coming home to herself and standing in her truth. 
She was led to a local Tao Stone Medicine Program where she learned the basics of ancient teachings about gemstones and crystals. As she became more and more immersed in this world, she answered a deeper calling – to actively create in this realm. She began building a collection and vending at festivals and events in and around Asheville. One of the main questions she would always receive is, "do you have a storefront". It was clear to her what the next step was.
Along with the stones, she started collecting self development and empowerment pieces from the local community as well as looking for high quality imports. While waiting for the right retail space to come along she realized all these items, when put together, had their own heartbeat. What she had begun to foster was now taking on a life of its own, begging for space to flourish, to blossom. A sacred space, a sanctuary for those seeking healing. A place that could blend the earthen with the cosmic.
This unfurling allows V to channel her creative juices and connect to Creator directly, as she curates and designs the mystic collection that is Earth Magick. Using her connection to Creator, the ancestors, and applying ancient Feng Shui techniques, she creates a healing space for everyone who walks through the door. She continues to work towards creating a safe(r) place where people feel revitalized and validated.
She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her children, marveling at them as they grow up. In her free time you can find her deep in meditation or in the Appalachian Mountains near a waterfall or old gem mine.

Bachelor of Science, Interactive Media Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh
- Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level I

- Certified in Taoist Stone Medicine, Level I & II
- Ordained Minister 
- Jubilee! Community Member


Auburn Lily

Store Manager & Magick Keeper


Auburn Lily found herself at home in the heart of Appalachia in 2009. A dormant mystic, the magick in these mountains awakened her from a spiritual slumber. And so, she started The Work: remembering forgotten secrets, uncovering new truths and honing her personal power, with the fruits of the earth and the secrets of the stars as her tools.
Fueled by her curious mind and psychic bloodline, she began her personal healing journey through the lens of mysticism, which led her on a parallel ancestral healing path, connecting her with this land more deeply than she could have fathomed when she moved to Appalachia at only 17 years old. 
After a decade of private study and practice with earth medicine, Auburn now works her Magick professionally, managing Earth Magick since its inception in 2017, and offering readings in this sacred space.
In her readings, Auburn works intuitively with the wisdom of the Earth, through the lens of the Animal Spirit Oracle from The Wild Unknown. She pairs her readings with integrative remedies, with the goal of unveiling the truest self through the lens of the primal animal spirit – unbiased by modernization and cutting through to the heart. Channeling wisdom from Gaia and providing her own insights, these sessions are meant to nourish and rebalance the soul.
Auburn is also our web and social media administrator, and oversees customer communication and relations. She also writes weekly entries in Our Journal.
Bachelor of Arts, Communication, University of North Carolina at Asheville
- Reiki Master & Teacher
- Herbal Alchemist, Level III
- Modern Day Priestess, Institute of Modern Wisdom (In Progress)



Rachel Appleton

Magick Keeper

rachel-appleton33.jpgA love for nature, art, and expression drives Rachel's passion to create and work her magick. Now a practiced ceramicist, the first time she ever sat down and touched her hands to the clay spinning on the wheel, she found her truest calling in life. This form of expression is what brought her to Earth Magick in early 2019.

Her healing journey has been nothing short of unique. When her younger sister was diagnosed with a rare illness, leaving her hospitalized and at great risk, her family sought alternative medicine, like Chinese acupuncture, herbalism, and reiki. These methodologies became very real and very potent for her and her family, which led her to explore them in her adult life.

Outside of the shop, you can find Rachel teaching pottery lessons for children and adults, dancing to her heart's content and exploring this realm through a lens beautifully tinted with both innocence and wisdom.

Music & Ceramics, Odyssey Community School
- Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level I

- Ceramic Artist & Teacher for 9 Years