Earth Magick Team



V. Sahānā

Founder & Heart-Centered Curator

earth-magick-founder77.jpgSevere trauma has led V. (formerly Heidi) back to her spiritual path of remembering who she truly is and standing in her power and truth. It was clear a crucial part of her journey included opening a space for community, creating a container in which everyone feels safe, validated, and revitalized.

V. puts emphasis on showcasing the local talent and creativity Asheville has to offer, as well as weaving cultures from across the world. You will find many treasures side-by-side from all parts of the world mixed with local handmade goods. She feels honored to hold space in historic downtown Asheville.

She enjoys spending time with her kids, marveling at them as they grow up. In her free time you can find her deep in meditation or in the Appalachian Mountains near a waterfall or old gem mine. 

Bachelor of Science, Interactive Media Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh
- Certified in Taoist Stone Medicine, Level I & II

- Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level I
- Ordained Minister 


Auburn Lily

Store Manager & Magick Keeper


Lover of all things light and dark, and wanderer of mystical realms. Auburn spends her free time delving into the Magick of her menagerie of flora, fauna and gemstones; exploring other universes via literature and dreams; spoiling her familiars; and making her dreams a reality.

After a decade of private study and practice with earth medicine, she is elated to share her knowledge with the Earth Magick community. Auburn is now offering Animal Spirit Tarot Readings with the goal of unveiling the truest self and connecting with the Earth. She pairs her readings with the magick of creation – longer sessions include a uniquely handcrafted gemstone elixir. Auburn believes each person has the power to heal themselves.

Auburn is also our web and social media administrator, and oversees customer communication and relations. She also writes weekly entries in Our Journal.

Bachelor of Arts, Communication, University of North Carolina at Asheville
- Certified Reiki Master & Teacher

- Herbal Alchemist, Level III


Rachel Appleton

Magick Keeper

rachel-appleton33.jpgA love for nature, art, and expression drives Rachel's passion to create and work her magick. Now a practiced ceramicist, the first time she ever sat down and touched her hands to the clay spinning on the wheel, she found her truest calling in life. This form of expression is what brought her to Earth Magick in early 2019.

Her healing journey has been nothing short of unique. When her younger sister was diagnosed with a rare illness, leaving her hospitalized and at great risk, her family sought alternative medicine, like Chinese acupuncture, herbalism, and reiki. These methodologies became very real and very potent for her and her family, which led her to explore them in her adult life.

Outside of the shop, you can find Rachel teaching pottery lessons for children and adults, dancing to her heart's content and exploring this realm through a lens beautifully tinted with both innocence and wisdom.

Music & Ceramics, Odyssey Community School
- Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level I

- Ceramic Artist & Teacher for 9 Years


Samantha Morrisette

sam-morrisette.jpgMagick Keeper

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