Empath Mist

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An energetic room and body mist with a delicate fragrance, this Empath & Sensitive Person Mist was created to provide sensitive people with a little extra support to feel comfortable, cleansed and at ease. This flower essence mist blend assists the Empath or Sensitive person by clearing unwanted energies, putting up an invisible shield of protection, and helping you live at ease as yourself without taking on other's issues.

Handcrafted by Glorious Forest Apothecary in Weaverville, NC

Shake well before using, spray around face, crown, back of neck and throughout your space as you feel called. Avoid contact with eyes.

4 fl ox

5.5" H by 2.2" W by 2.25" D

Ingredients: organic witch hazel, garden fresh white sage leaves, yarrow flowers, white rose hydrosol, fresh yarrow hydrosol, flower essences, organic GF cane alcohol.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consume at your own risk. Discuss any health concerns with a trusted healthcare practitioner.

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