Faery Realm Wand

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Throughout history, wands have been used to direct energy, as an extension of our hands and body. Healers often use gemstone wands to emanate certain vibrations during a session, and individuals can use wands in personal meditation practices.

This pewter Faery Realm Wand pays homage to the fae of Celtic lore, and the nymphs of Greek mythology.

"Attuned to the magic of dreams and mystical visions, this wand is vibrant with the essence of Faery magic. The Faery Realm Wand is useful for anyone who has a strong belief in communication between the multiple plains of existence. This wand has a fluid and organic design and is topped by a shimmering multi-faceted Austrian crystal." - Creator at Willowroot Wands

Crafted by Abby Willowroot of Willowroot Wands in Fremont, California.

8.5" H by .75" W by .38" D