Goddess Herbal Tea Tin

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The Goddesses of the World Herbal Tea line comes from Hanami Tea. This line is 100% organic, and we carry both the tins pictured here, as well as their 1-ounce pouches.

2 oz. tins

Click here for 1 oz. packages.

Handcrafted by Hanami Tea in Asheville, North Carolina.

Aphrodite's Pleasure

A delectable, naturally sweet tea designed for love.

Taste: Floral, Complex, and Naturally Sweet!

Infusion Color: Gold

Effects on the Sipper: Sensually Enchanting

Organic Herbs: Damiana, Shatavari Root, Licorice Root, Oat Tops, Rose Buds, Rose Petals, Safflowers, Blue Corn Flowers, Calendula, Tulsi Holy Basil

Invite more love into your life. The beautiful flowers, soothing herbs, and herbal aphrodisiacs in this tea will soften your heart and body. This tea is know to have delightfully intoxicating effects... so whether you desire more self-love, better time with your sweetheart, or a boost to your sex appeal, Aphrodite is your Goddess!

Artemis' Moon

A grounding tea to support a woman during her moon cycle

Taste: Freshly Herbaceous

Infusion Color: Chocolate

Effects on the Sipper: Balancing & Restoring

Organic Herbs:  Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, Nettles, Oatstraw, Red Clover Flower, Yarrow, Motherwort

Specifically crafted to support a woman’s moon-time, crimson tide, that time of the month… whatever you call it, it’s a perfect time to make nourishing tea and enjoy a little extra self-care. This blend is especially supportive. It relaxes your body, eases the flow, and helps balance your moods. Sip with Artemis to honor your moon time and take a much deserved break for your amazing self!

Queen of Heaven

With a stunning, purple infusion and delightful lavender-lemongrass taste, Queen of Heaven is crafted to represent the Queen Goddesses of the world. For feeling calm and centered, like the Queen you are.

TasteLavender & Lemongrass

Infusion ColorRoyal Purple

Effect on the SipperCalming & Centering

Organic HerbsLavender, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flower

This blend’s yummy lavender lemongrass taste will knock your socks more on than off, and leave you feeling at ease and in control—just like a Queen. And did we mention the infusion is bright purple? Sipping this tea serves as a reminder to slow down, center, and live life powerfully. “Queen of Heaven” refers to the mother, queen, and sky Goddesses of many cultures who are nurturing guides, sovereign female leaders, and all around powerhouse role models. Inanna (Sumerian), Hera (Greco-Roman), Mary (Christian), and Isis (Egyptian) are all goddesses represented by the title Queen of Heaven.

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    Empowering and delicious hot tea!

    Posted by A on June 20th 2019

    I picked up some of this tea during a visit to Asheville and since drinking a few cups, have felt more powerful and sensual. Highly recommend and my friend sea enjoying too!