Heart Healer Magick Jar

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In these Heart Healer Magick Jars, prehnite and rose quartz work together to heal and unlock the heart chakra. Prehnite is known to "heal the healer," soothing past emotional trauma, while creating empathic boundaries. Rose Quartz works like a warm hug from the person you love most in the world, comforting the heart's grief or sorrow. These are perfect additions to your altar, or you can unseal the cork and use to your heart's content.

Each bottle is sealed with palm wax which can be broken if you want to take out the gemstones.  These jars were carefully crafted with candle light during deep meditation about healing the heart.

Created by the founder of Earth Magick in Asheville, North Carolina.

Option A (Pictured): Prehnite, Garnet and Rose Quartz (garnet is a root chakra stimulator that grounds and protects)

Option B: Tiger's Eye, Prehnite and Rose Quartz (tiger's eye awakens the sacral and solar plexus chakra for spirited creativity, strong sense of self and courage)

3" W by 4.5" H by 3" D