Inner Sun Wand Necklace

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This Inner Sun Wand Necklace was handcrafted with the intention to magnify personal power, aid in meditation and transmute negative energy. Read more about each component in this one of a kind wand below, according to its creator:

  • Roe Deer Antler: brings adaptability, flexibility; often indicates a new adventure; innocence, gentleness and love; symbolizes a connection to higher wisdom; stags are often used to symbolize the Goddess as well as the Heart.
  • Citrine Sphere: a joyful stone with a bright energy; lights up many aspects of our lives; energizing and highly creative; absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy; protective of the environment; brings joy, harmony and optimism; solar plexus activator; increase, magnify and clarify personal power and energy; useful for meditation, psychic awareness and spiritual development.
  • Spessartine Garnet: one of the most rare forms of garnet; builds confidence by helping recognize strengths; fosters starting on one's true life path; stimulates the analytical parts of the mind; emanates a calm energy; associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakra; awakens latent creative energies; lends power to one's will; helpful in assimilating higher levels of inner growth and balance. 
  • English Partridge Hen Feathers: represents fertility, abundance, community, femininity, standing strong in beliefs and the love of freedom.

Crafted by Autumn Austin of Journey There Wands in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wand pendant measures .75" W by 4" H. on an adjustable black cord.

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