2020 Full Moon in Aquarius Astrology Report

2020 Full Moon in Aquarius Astrology Report

Posted by Virginia Rosenberg on August 6th 2020

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3, 2020 (at 11:57EST) is quantum prismatic.

The prism is YOU. The spectrum is US.

You are a star child. A glowing provocateur. We are children of the Sun. Unequivocally woven together as a renegade rainbow of luminescent, irreverent change.

These are not lofty poetic statements. They are simple, quantifiable facts. Recognize poetry for what it is; an oracular life-giving art, a way to narrate being by breathing magic back into itself.

This Full Moon coincides with Lammas (Lughnasadh), celebration of full sun and plentiful harvest. Ripening fruits, corn, sunflower, and Mother’s first grain.

Absorb the Sun. Light is food. Light is life.

Extremes in balance. These points in the turnings of the wheel are marked observations of the play of light, and how light-and-body changes recreate life in our experience.

At this peak moment in Earth-and-Sun dance, we spin poised at the ledge between Old and New ways of existing.

Feel and fathom the weight of the world crumbling.

Sense the gifts on the other side of the fall.

Heavy news, serious conversations, and the stress of continued entrenchment in sick systems weigh on the mind. We can finally make definitive choices, decisions, and commitments that we’ve been working up to for the last couple of years.

Under the lure of this lunation, we are liberated by the love of light.

I choose to love, and be loved by, Life.

One of my favorite expressions of life is its unabashed irrepressibility. Its cherished multi-colored bawdiness. That when life is damaged or thrashed back, it invents expressions for its own healing. Life remains rebellious in the face of restraint.

Light may be captured, but it can never truly be contained.

The truth of this world is in prisms, not prisons.

Life is boldly unfuckwithable. No mechanism or technological semblance will gain control over a pervasive vigor of genius far beyond its greasy grips. Artifice is too small-minded. While warfare of any kind may see results in the short-term, it’s wider effects will always be drastically disastrous for those who perpetrate and perpetuate annihilation.

Domination-strategy is laughably incapable when compared with the luxurious generative capacities of soil.

Our nature is in possession of powers of heart-consciousness that far surpass technological constructs. Artificial intelligence is cold, lifeless, and beyond the pale.

Life will always find ways to adapt and increase.

Be like life. Grow towards the light. Bend towards freedom. Create.

This Moon features a dynamic aspect with Uranus; planet of chaos, anarchy, and future-creation through higher-octave awareness.

Keyphrase for Uranus: Expect the unexpected.

Uranus is the outlier, the mind-opener, complicating the equation by bringing in unaccounted-for influences. Drawing energies from the margins, or ‘out of left field’ that cause major change in perception and behavior. Whatever you can imagine likely won’t occur, as Uranus produces effects we can’t conceptualize before they happen.

Uranus is Wyrd Ancestor Future.

This Moon portends weirdness. Sensuous queering. Plots twists, wild turns, mishaps, and surprises.

Linear time meets space-time-continuum. Human self meets divine wholeness.

Awakening is unstoppable.

Currents of consciousness pour through us from the ground-up. The Earth-grid is reprogramming with codes of times-to-come.

Journey to Meet Your Future Self

Use this meditation to connect with, and receive guidance from, your future self.

Uprooting and unsettling the entrenched. Animating our magical powers. Shaking us open to possible futures.

The futures available to us when we create life as art.

The futures available to us when we anchor community as immunity.

The futures available to us when we bring more of ourselves and our truths to the world.

The futures available to us when we realize energy is free and limitless.

The futures available to us when we open our minds.

The futures available to us when we collaborate for love.

The futures available to us when we bend away from the patterns that hurt us and reach towards each other instead.

My promise to myself and to you: I will always love your humanity.

I will open my eyes to see you more clearly. Show me who you are. Show me what you love.

Differences and disagreements are not only natural - they are keys for connection and wholeness-in-action.

Under this Moon, look for a place your mind is closed. Observe an area where you tend to freeze, judge, close off, or shut down. What moves you to disregard another person’s humanity?

Experiment with cultivating positive regard for difference.

What might happen if you regard difference from a neutral place of curiosity, recognizing that every person has a unique experience of life and access to varied abilities and information?

Without demanding that anyone outside of you changes their mind or behavior, what mental or physical changes could you embrace to feel more free?

What happens if you hold your own, and allow others space and autonomy? What happens if you are free to think and see and be as you wish?

Uniqueness can be leveraged to elevate the whole.

I choose to trust our inherent connectedness.

Our interdependence will strengthen as we center inside ourselves.

Unbind from influences that prevent you from being true to who you are. See others for who they are, and allow yourself to be seen.

By your nature, you are an electrical being. Plugged into a glittering intergalactic grid. Turned on.

There is a Sun, a Star, within you. Pulsing. Vitalizing your spirit and warming hearts all around you. Sending out signals saying, “let’s celebrate life. Let’s be true to ourselves. Let’s make love.”

This Full Moon is a brilliant spotlight displaying that Life is ultimately Light.

Physician Richard Gerber describes all matter as “frozen light.”

You are here to be and co-create light. To paint life with the vivid colors that express what’s held within your heart.

What color are your flames? What channels do they move through to create connection?

How are you receiving, absorbing, and transmitting light?

Irresistible change is upon us. Channeling through us. Created by us.

The channel is clear.

Let’s choose to change the world by being true to our humanity, and loving more.

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