2020 New Moon in Leo Astrology Report

2020 New Moon in Leo Astrology Report

Posted by Virginia Rosenberg on August 18th 2020

The New Moon in Leo on August 18, 2020 (at 22:42EST) is courageous.

Brilliant. Bold. Luminescent.

Gather ‘round the heart fire.

courage (n.)

1) heart (as the seat of emotions)
2) spirit, temper, temperament, innermost feelings, frame of mind
3) valor, quality of mind which enables one to meet danger and trouble without fear
4) zeal, strength
5) bravery, pride, confidence, lustiness

This is a Moon of joyful beginnings.

Take heart.

Locate this generous musical muscle, like a sun star within you. Warm. Beating. Pulsing. Shining. Central.

Creative. Generating. Circulating spirit and essence all throughout your system. Nourishing your body with fresh, oxygenated blood and lumens.

This Moon feels like a bright spot within the tumult of the year. A luminous lunation. A Moon to strengthen and embolden us before treacherous troubles ahead.

It’s no secret that major trials are before us. We are alive, at this particular moment in time. Yes, we are here. What are we going to do with it? How are we going to say YES to life now?

We can do hard things. Become stronger, wiser, and more self-responsible.

We can “stay with the trouble.” (beloved phrase of Bayo Akomolafe)

In the Free Webinar, I mention that the path ahead feels like a battle. There are war aspects in the charts.

But the truth is, I believe we are being asked to be warriors for NOT WAR.

I believe the true test in our midst is to stop fighting.

Not-war is different from peace. It is the opposite of acquiescence. To unmake war, we anchor. Resist. Fortify our strength and sovereignty. We know where the line is, and hold it.

Let’s be real.

Violence, separation, attack, punishment, contempt, supremacy, exploitation, victimization, theft, extermination, othering - these are baked into our conditioning.

If it’s what we’ve inherited, it’s how we attach. Until we break the cycles.

If it’s what we’ve been taught, it’s what we perform. Until we learn anew.

If it’s how we’ve been hurt, it’s often what we perpetuate. Until we heal layers-deep.

These conditionings are embedded until we have embodied, relational experiences of living differently.

It’s important to clarify what we don’t want in the world.

But it’s more challenging, more rewarding, and more effective at scale and for the longterm to know what we DO want in the world, and in life. And to work to make those desires real each and every day.

It’s time to get to the real work of making.

To be soldiers of love and art and vitality and reunion.

To face and overcome the fears of the wild that have been indoctrinated into our public spaces.

To forge shapes that look less like fabricated strife, and more like liberated generations.

This Moon is a joyful song and a battle cry.

That each one of us will stand firmly in ourselves for the he(art) of life, not of war.

What will you stand FOR?

What do you LOVE and ADORE?

What are you WILLING to CREATE?

Light up your heart. Send out a flare.

This Moon is a reminder to be brilliantly, boldly, and brightly YOURSELF.

Show yourself. I want to see you.

True you. Shiny you. Unbothered, unfuckwithable, smiles-for-days you.

Show me what you love, so I can love you even more.

I want to celebrate the miracle of you, beloved effulgent one.

Not someone you are supposed to look like. Not a shrunk plastic version of you.

Be generous when you express yourself.

Be you, runneth-over with auric light.

You, sun-drenched. Seated in your own sovereign glow. Replete with life.

You, as life-artist. Your medium is whatever colors and materials life gives you. Your canvas stretches from waking to sleeping each day.

Dancing your dance; the dance that knows there never was and never will be another you.

I want to see your wonderment. Who you came here to be. What you adore to make. How you live out loud.

When you were a child, you marveled at the grandest minutia. Giggling at the sight of a bee. Singing songs about socks. Shrieking with delight at the sensation of sprinkling water.

You were, and still are, a magical child. The world as your stage. A set for dramatic interplay of loving cosmic forces coalescing to applaud your ever-astonishing creations.

Have you forgotten?

You are a creator. You came to play and create the game. To be the center of your story.

How much fun can you possibly have with what’s here? Amuse yourself. Live your vision.

Center your joy - your vibrancy is relevant and vital. You are magnetic and electric, like a battery that stores life. Turn yourself on. Charge up with joy juice.

Keep filling up with more of yourself - not less.

Joy is never selfish. The more joyful you are, the sweeter life is for all of us.

Loving yourself is the most selfless act you could perform.

The more you live courageously and love yourself, the more permission you give for others to reveal their light.

Have the courage to illuminate who and what we really are.

Think of a time when you felt totally yourself.

What brings you alive?

What makes your heart swell?

What makes you special? What do you love most about yourself?

How can you be more like yourself right now?

Place your heart at the center of this moment. Follow the creative pulse.

Let your heart speak. Let the magnetic field of your heart lead your way.

Be you: brighter. Bolder. Not to ignore fears and strife, but to confront, build confidence in ourselves and our relations, and summon real courage to do right by life.

This is how we build new worlds. We play them until they exist.

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