Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Posted by Ra Ma on September 17th 2020

We are currently building from this Thursday's 25° Virgo New Moon which washed over with a precision emphasizing the season of refinement. 2020 has brought significant transformation for each being on Earth. Now is the time to come home to the dreams you are building, those that will serve your ancestral lineage and the collective as a whole. As the Mars retrograde reveals new layers of initiation over the next few weeks, please know that this diamond process is building to a portal of time and space that aligns with the Great Conjunction when Jupiter and Saturn meet up at 1° Aquarius on December 21st. Each one of us must hold our sacred vision as a bright candle of hope in our heart of hearts. 

Between now and then, each breath is an opportunity to align and synthesize to stay the course. These times require determination and a continual commitment to purification. On Sunday September 20th Juno, the asteroid goddess of divine partnership, enters Scorpio. It is clear that the partnerships that will thrive in the Aquarian Age are those that have the authentic willingness to dive into the depths, to find within the inner swampland the highest forms of purity. Scorpio is about a journey of self mastery, to fully embody the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Juno as the Triple Moon Goddess engages each one of us to ask ourselves about power dynamics in our partnerships. Where do we give away our power? And where do we abuse and misuse the sanctity of another's power? 

Fall equinox aligns on Tuesday, September 22nd as the Sun enters Libra. We now move into a time of seeking balance and beauty in the midst of cultural upheaval. This Fall is an excellent time to circle back to your values, to get raw and clear on what you stand for in this incarnation. This Equinox, also known as Mabon, is a holy time, when day and night become equal, and the season of harvest comes to light. We welcome the polarities of light and dark, young and old, feminine and masculine, yin and yang, conscious and unconscious. Libra asks how do we consider one another? How may we collaborate and cooperate more harmoniously? We may invite these questions into our lives as a living prayer.

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