Osho Zen Tarot Readings: How Do I Become My True Self?

Osho Zen Tarot Readings: How Do I Become My True Self?

Posted by Meredith Aphieme on October 10th 2018

There is one main reason why people come into the shop to have their tarot cards read. They want to fulfill their true hearts desires and there are many things obstructing their capacity to do so. All other questions are a derivation of this central question, "how do I become my true self?" 

The true nature of all human beings exists underneath and amidst who we "think" we are. It is dulled and numbed by imbalanced consumption, patterns and habits of attention seeking, and cultural norms which are so strong and stand in natural opposition to our capacity to live fully. Sometimes this confusion is expressed as an unhealthy relationship with another human being, an unhealthy relationship to money or to our bodies, or other misunderstandings in the mind.

Tarot cards are a MAP of the human experience. If we do not have a map it is too easy to get lost and continue to cycle around and around in the same types of patterns. 

We need support and tools to help us pay attention to the contents of our subconscious. It is absolutely not an easy task and often our family and intimate friends are involved in the same confusions; unable to support us in any other way than bumping into our wounds with their wounds. We need special tools (such as tarot cards), time, and strong focused attention to move through these layers to reach our truest self. 

Your life may drasitcally change: moved to a new town, found a new job, started a new friendship, lost a partner, but the sensations in our emotional body, the patterns of how we pay attention can remain the same because the fundamental trauma still resides.

It is important to note that no one can do this work for you. 

As a tarot reader it is my job to hold the container for the mystery unfolding in the present moment to speak, the cards are pulled spontaneously with the intention that what comes out is THE information that person needs in THIS moment towards the highest good for all beings. Osho Zen Tarot does not at all read the contents of the future, but rather is like an imaging tool for the shape of ones current life system. Once we deeply face what is happening in the now, we can then hold it fiercely and gently up to the light of loving attention in order to have the greatest potential of changing the trajectory we may be on into the future.