What Are Archetypes? Discovering and Channeling Their Energies

What Are Archetypes? Discovering and Channeling Their Energies

Posted by Cidney Bachert on August 27th 2020

What Are Archetypes?

If you’ve ever taken personality quizzes like the enneagram test, then you are probably familiar with the idea that the human psyche has been grouped together in categories that can represent many people. The same can be said for archetypes. The word archetype stems from the ancient Greek words archein meaning “to begin” and typos meaning “pattern” or “type.”

The theory around archetypes became increasingly popular when psychologist Carl Gustav Jung used 12 main archetypes to define the basic human psyche. According to his concept of archetypes, the psyche is divided into three different areas: the ego (conscious mind), the personal unconscious (memories), and the collective unconscious (psychological inheritance containing all of the human experiences and knowledge). [1]

Aside from modern psychology, there are many different types of archetypes that can be used to describe someone’s mentality, personality, and way of life. Archetypes aim to provide transparency and support during moments of change and growth.

Channel Your Archetype With Anointing Oils

Anointing oils have been used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals across the globe. Anointing oils are often made with essential oils, herbs, and a carrier oil for application to different areas on the body to provide clarity, wisdom, and power to the user. In the case of the Archetype Anointing Oils that we carry from River Island Apothecary, each oil has been uniquely handcrafted to match with a variety of archetypes to aid in ritual and personal growth. River Island Apothecary is based out of Asheville, North Carolina, and is the River Island Apothecary is the creation of Katie Vie, a teacher, healer, and massage therapist located in Asheville, North Carolina. Katie's passion transforms into her Archetype Anointing Oils, all of which are blended with organic jojoba oil and essential oils picked specifically to ignite and honor the power that each archetype has.These roller oils can be anointed on the chakra points, pressure points, or anywhere on the body that you may feel called to bring power to. 

The best way to align with the correct oil is to smell them. A strong attraction to a specific scent is an indication that you are flowing toward your destiny and the corresponding archetype is here to help you through your spiritual journey. A strong aversion to a specific scent is an indication of where you need to grow the most and the corresponding archetype can help you uncover challenges that you need to overcome to move toward your destiny. If you are unable to stop in our store in downtown Asheville, there is an online quiz that can help to match you with the oil that will help you the most: ttps://riverislandapothecary.typeform.com/to/D7JKSM.

Discover the Archetypes

The Girl Child

Also known as The Innocent, The Light Maiden, Spring Persephone, The Scout, The Fairy, The Dancer, The Buddy, The Mischief Maker, Pre-Menarche, The Birthday Girl, The Aries, and others. The Girl Child Anointing Oil is for maintaining the wonder of the world and helping to remember to play with all your heart. The Girl Child reminds you to embrace your inner child when you need joy and to use play as medicine. The time to channel the Girl Child is during the Spring Equinox, when the flowers are in bloom and the sun shines down on the earth. Its aroma is clear and happy, with notes of sunny herbs and flowers, light, and yellow. This oil can be anointed where happiness springs forth, or wherever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil and essential oils including lavender

The Mermaid

Also known as the Dark Maiden, The Young Shaman, Autumn Persephone, She Who Dives Deep, The Adolescent, Menarche, The Siren, The Scorpio/Sagittarius, Independence, and others. The Mermaid Anointing Oil is for channeling courage and strength when searching uncharted waters, and for bravery beyond the veils. This is also an oil to turn to when trying to distinguish between co-dependence from independence. The Mermaid thrives during the Autumn Equinox, when energy can be redirected for exploration and healing during the colder, darker months of the year. Its aroma is green and weird, with notes of brine, fluidity and magic. This oil can be anointed on the tail or gills, or wherever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil and essential oils including clary sage.

The Priestess

Also known as The Temple Keeper, The Initiate, The Chalice, The Shaman, The Witch, The Holy Woman, The Seer, The Psychic, The Virgo/Aquarius and others. The Priestess Anointing Oil can help channel the integrity to create and hold space so that others may connect with themselves and the Divine. The Priestess encourages communication beyond the veils, especially regarding one's community. Imbolc, or the time between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, is the perfect time to channel the energies of the Priestess. The aroma is common and rare, with notes of sacred herb and awareness. This oil can be anointed on your throat chakra, or wherever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, essential oils and CO2 extracts including angelica root.

The Queen

Also known as The Creatrix, The Manifester, The Mother, The Boss, The Visionary, The Empress, The Spokesperson, The Queen Bee, The Exalted, Hera, Cleopatra, Her Majesty and others. The Queen Anointing Oil is for fortitude while manifesting a vision, strength to hold unwavering space, and benevolent leadership. The time to embrace the Queen is during the Summer Solstice when the days are hot and you can nourish yourself with fresh produce grown in a garden or bought at the farmer’s market. The aroma is depth and fire, with notes of green, herb and regal flower. This oil can be anointed at the Heart chakra, or wherever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil and essential oils including rose otto and ginger.

The Tantrika

Also known as The Lover, Venus, Aphrodite, The Sacred Prostitute, The Holy Whore, The Scorpio/Libra, The Siren, The Magdalene, The Dakini and others. The Tantrika Anointing Oil can help support you when you are using the art of love for healing and transformation. The Tantrika can also be called upon for attracting healthy and magical love, opening to the big Divine Love, and enlivening the seat of creativity. This oil corresponds with Beltane or May Day, a holiday that honors life. Its aroma is sweet and resinous, with intoxicating notes of spice, night blooming flowers, and love making. This anointing oil can be anointed on the Sacral chakra, or wherever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, essential oils, attars and absolutes.

The Warrior

Also known as The Guardian, The Amazon, The Lion Mother, The Protector, Grace O'Malley, Diana, The Pirate, Kali, The Bad Ass, The Cowgirl, The Punk Rocker, Bodicea and others. The Warrior Anointing Oil is for bravery, resilience, and sharp focus in the face of battle. The Warrior encourages you to rise to face what challenges you and identify ally vs. saboteur. Lammas is the time to embrace the power of the Warrior to focus on tasks and protect the harvest. The aroma is bracing and bold, with notes of mint, green and ferocity. This oil can be anointed on the Solar Plexus chakra, or wherever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil and essential oils including peppermint.

The Wisdom Keeper

Also known as The Medicine Woman, The Healer, The Shaman, The Witch, The Sage, The Elder, The Teacher, The Guide, The Coach, The Fairy Godmother, The Pisces and others. The Wisdom Keeper Anointing Oil helps you remember that you know what you need to, without needing to know why or how you know. She is a reminder that wisdom has nothing to do with age, some are simply wise. The time of the Wisdom Keeper is around Samhain, the holiday that honors the beginning of the darker months. The aroma is mystical and transporting, with notes of wood, smoke and ceremony. This oil can be anointed to the Crown chakra, or wherever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil and essential oils including palo santo.


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