Keeping It Local

We strive to fill the majority of our store with local handmade treasures. Pieces that are carefully handcrafted and filled with love.  Some of the handcrafted items include:

  • glasswork
  • tapestries & weaves
  • chocolate & ghee
  • animal skulls & bones
  • natural bodycare products: soaps, lotions, bath bombs, perfume oils, massage oils
  • pottery: bowls, cups, plates, spoons, fermenting crocks
  • jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, ear cuffs
  • wooden & ceramic spoons
  • wood burned boxes & picture frames
  • medicinal & herbal tinctures
  • flower & gemstone essences
  • musical instruments
  • artwork

Take a look at our artisans page to learn more about the local folks creating such beautiful pieces.


From Around the World

Along with all our local items we also carry:

  • dreamcatchers made by a circle of men and women in Bali
  • top-grade gemstones from Madagascar
  • Arkansas quartz crystals - directly from the ground to us
  • Tibetan relics
  • Peruvian jewelry
  • handcrafted wands from California
  • silk pants from India
  • Moroccan trinkets
  • brass singing bowls from Nepal
  • hand carved animal skulls from Bali

Shipping & Exchange Policy