Lepidolite Pebble

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Lepidolite is a potassium lithium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 2.5 to 3. Its crystal system is monoclinic. It crystalizes in cleavable masses, scaly aggregates and in tabular hexagonal crystals. Lepidolite often occurs in association with other lithium-bearing minerals, such as Tourmaline or Spodumene. Color is most often pink, purplish or lavender, although Lepidolite can also be grayish, white or even colorless. Good deposits of Lepidolite  have been found in Africa, Brazil, Greenland and the USA. In the United States, the best Lepidolite localities are Auburn, Maine, and San Diego County, California. One of the newest and most preferred types of Lepidolite for metaphysical use is Lilac Lepidolite from Africa.

Approx. .75" L by .75" W by .5" D

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Lepidolite encourages release of identification with the ego and acceptance of the present moment as a dwelling place for the soul.


Lepidolite assists one in finding a strong emotional center, unaffected by the dramas and events of one's external experience. It helps balance the emotions and prevents extreme emotional shifts. It is an excellent stone for those with excessive worry or fear.


Lepidolite is an excellent support stone for any types of mental and emotional imbalances. It can energetically curb hyperactivity and/or attention deficit disorder. It is an excellent stone for sleep disorders, including insomnia due to stress or worry, or nightmares.


I move through all of life's joys and sorrows, triumphs and traumas, with serenity and grace.


All, especially Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th)

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Source: The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Richard Simmons and Naisha Ahsian