Lion Paw Shell

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These beautiful Lion Paw Shells are a great alternative to the classic abalone shell. They can be used as a fire-safe bowl for smudging, and burning incense or resins, as well as a unique way to display tumbled stones or other small objects on your altar.

Lion Paw Shells are a form of Scallop shell, carrying with it ocean energy and the spirit of the animal that used to live inside its clutches. Honoring both the spirit of the ocean and the creature who lived inside is a great intention to set before use.

Historically, the scallop shell was used in biblical times by Saint James the Apostle to symbolize the spiritual journey of the individual, making its way back to the center of all life: Spirit. Click here to find out more about this symbolism.

6" L by 6.25" W by 2" D