Lung Love Burning Bundle

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The Lung Love Burning Bundle is purifying and full of depth. This handcrafted bundle combines local plant allies to clear congestion, purify the space and release pain.

Ingredients: Mullein, lavender, juniper, rose, and rabbit tobacco

  • Mullein: used to cleanse emotions from your space and is an expectorant, aiding our respiratory system. 
  • Lavender: calming, stabilizing, & helps to ease nervous tension and dissipate feelings of panic and hysteria. Lavender also helps to release pent-up energy within.
  • Juniper: aromatic, edible, medicinal, cleansing, freshening, uplifting and supportive of throat and respiratory system
  • Rose: fill your space with love
  • Rabbit Tobacco: used to protect one's space, restore one's health, and aid sinus relief, among other ailments. 

Hand-rolled and locally sourced by Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes in Barnardsville, North Carolina with local jute or supima cotton string.

Approx. 7"L x 1"W 

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