Mini Fairy Burning Bouquet

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The Mini Fairy Burning Bouquet is one for the heart. This handcrafted bundle combines local plant allies to allow us to cleanse our spaces and invite in love and compassion. 

Ingredients: White sage, lavender, sweetgrass braid, rose, & local Jute or Supima cotton string

  • White sage: used for cleansing, reseting, and purifying
  • Lavender: calming, stabilizing, & helps to ease nervous tension and dissipate feelings of panic and hysteria. Lavender also helps to release pent-up energy within.
  • Sweetgrass: purifies body and space. Sweetgrass has long been regarded as sacred medicine to Native Americans and is valued for its vanilla-like scent.
  • Rose: promotes inner peace and beauty, infusing the energy of the divine feminine and divine love.

Hand-rolled and locally sourced by Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes in Barnardsville, North Carolina.

Approx. 5.5" L x 2" W 

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