Mini Triple Sage Burning Bouquet

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This Mini Triple Sage Bundle combines incredible plant allies to gift you clear, purified space and peace. 

Ingredients: white sage, broad leaf sage, Spanish sage, estafiante sage, cedar, lavender

  • White Sage: used for cleansing, reseting, and purifying
  • Broad Leaf Sage: healing, sacred plant known as "Herb of Wisdom"
  • Spanish Sage: aromatic, uplifting, soothing, used to boost cognition and support longevity
  • Estafiante Sage: "Women's Sage," traditionally used by Native people in ceremony to clear the body and space of negative energies
  • Cedar: cleanses emotions and can be used for protection. Traditionally, Native Americans used cedar for prayer, healing, dreamwork, and protection against disease. 
  • Lavender: calming, stabilizing, & helps to ease nervous tension and dissipate feelings of panic and hysteria. Lavender also helps to release pent-up energy within.

Hand-rolled by Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes in Barnardsville, North Carolina with local jute or supima cotton string.

Approx. 5" L x 2.25" W 

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