Rosemary Stick

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Rosemary is perfect for burning for purification rites. Like sage, rosemary is perfect for burning as a purification herb. Rosemary is often burned to create a "fresh start" in life. Whether it is breaking a habit, embarking on a new path, or opening up to more creativity, powerful and fragrant rosemary can help open doors to the new.

As you light the smudge stick, focus your intentions on surrounding what you are trying to protect with a mirror-like force field, bouncing any impending attack back onto the attacker. In your mind, picture the inside of the force field filling with love and safety.

These local rosemary bundles are harvested and rolled by Torches Ceremonials in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Each stick is approximately 1.25" W by 6.5" H by 1.25" D