Ruby Record Keeper

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"Record Keepers" can appear on a multitude of minerals and stones, especially rubies, quartz and kunzite. Essentially, what we call a record keeper is a raised or seemingly-etched triangular pattern on the face of a stone. Triangles have major ties to multiple cultures and rich symbolism.

Despite being primarily attuned to the root chakra at the base of our spine, ruby is known to be a powerful heart-opener, carrying the vibration of divine love and compassion. In a world where so many have closed their heart to love and succumbed to fear, the ruby is an even more potent ally than usual. It is time for the healers to turn inward, deeply connect to the frequency of love, and in turn, heal the world.

As a powerful root and heart activator, rubies have traditionally been used to revitalize what is referred to as life force energy, sparking passion and a sense of courage and adventurousness in those that tap into its frequency.

"It helps one perceive the spiritual energy that exists throughout the realm of matter, and offers lessons in mastering the transformation of thought and intent into physical manifestation," Naisha Ahsian writes in The Book of Stones. "It can help one feel more engaged in life and more loving toward one's physical body and human existence."

Once we feel grounded, secure, and safe, our connection to both the physical and spiritual world is strengthened. It also strikes a sense of enthusiastic curiosity. Ahsian recommends the affirmation, "I embrace my life with fierceness, passion and the courage to accomplish all that I will do."

So then, combining the properties of a classic ruby and what we know about record keepers, we are left with a stone that can not only ground us into the physical, but also provide a channel to the spiritual or astral realm, unlocking vast and expansive wisdom of all that ever was.

Approx. 1.75" W by 1.5" H by .5" D