Salvaged Animal Tail

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These Salvaged Animal Tails are "rescued" from a trapper in Minnesota. Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes then fashions these "unwanted" animal furs into wearable pieces that could also be used on an altar. We call these tails rescues because they would have otherwise been thrown away and forgotten about, ultimately disrespecting the spirit of the animal from which they came. These trapped animals are injured, confused, killed and then skinned for the sake of fashion. Transmuting this scary and confusing energy into love and respect is important work for the greater good of the Animal Spirit.

Fox medicine is about charisma – amplifying the natural way we gravitate toward one another. The fox is cunning, capable and nimble. 

Coyote energy is wild yet loyal – strong and unsurrendering, unearthing forgotten wisdom and relishing comedic levity. 

The Raccoon is intelligent and owns the night. Often, inviting in or answering to the Raccoon's call is a sign to take inventory of the "masks" we wear, keeping those that serve and offering up the rest.

Coyote: Approx. 4.5" W by 16" H by 4.5" D

Large Gray Fox: Approx. 3" W by 19" H by 3" D

Raccoon: Approx. 3" W by 13" H by 3" D

Small Red Fox: Approx. 4" W by 17" H by 4" D

Handcrafted by Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes in Barnardsville, North Carolina