Soy Wax Sigil Candle

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“My life is full of abundance” whether it be financial, platonic, or a mental state. This candle brings the energy of having everything you need.


"I feel connected to the Earth" is the energy of this candle. A tool to help us resonate with the Earth's heartbeat.


"I am happy and healthy". To help us stay in a positivte healing mindset. Useful when making healthy lifestyle transitions.


"My heart is open and full of compassion". Love is the overall vibration of this sigil.


"I attract magic into my life". Use in ritual to strengthen magic. Can be use in daily life to invite messages or to exist with a more spiritual mindset.

Sacred Space

“This is a sacred space”. Use this candle to set a clear space for ritual.


“I am protected. My circle is strong”. Use to reinforce boundaries and protection.


Handcrafted by Chase of Grey Fern Herbal in Asheville, North Carolina.

2.5"W by 8"H by 2.5"D