Stromatolite Pebble

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Stromatolite is fossilized cyanobacteria, some of the first living organisms on the planet, in limestone. These bacteria lifeforms are believed to have been the primary life on Earth for more than 2 billion years. The visible banding is often caused by iron deposits.


Stromatolite is thought to provide stability and vitality through transformative times, allowing one to strengthen one's connection with the Earth and ground into its nurturing and ancient support structure. It has also been used to instigate personal and spiritual evolution.


The stability that Stromatolite provides can help one work through emotional trauma with a renewed sense of zest for life.


Stimulating the root chakra, Stromatolite allows us to feel strong, stable and supported, while nurturing our lower back, spinal cord and pelvis.


I connect with prehistoric life on Earth to bring clarity, strength and vitality to my spiritual transformation.


Root (1st)


Approximately 1" H by 1" W by 1"D


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