The Artisans

Amy Metsker with Goddessa Jewels

Amy Metsker is a metalsmith and jewelry artisan. Her love for stones and fascination with metal has been the inspiration to study metalsmithing and create wearable works of art for the last 10 years. Amy’s jewelry features semi precious and precious stones set with intricate wire wrapping and metalsmith techniques in brass, copper, and sterling silver.


Mandy Overstreet with Mandelin Naturals

Life changing transitions led Mandy to share her passion of all natural, chemical-free skin care products with everyone who shares the vision of taking care of their body from the inside out. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and Mandy's philosophy is that you should treat it with the best possible products available to promote better health and wellness.  She designs products  to treat a variety of skin care issues as well as products ideal for aromatherapy and relaxation.


Abby Artemisia with The Wander School

Abby's interest in the botanical world first began as a child, climbing trees, hiking in the woods and tromping through the creek behind her house. I had my own herbal tea business for five years because it was a career I could have while still spending time with my young daughter. While this sparked my interest in medicinal plants, I missed being in the woods and having a direct connection with the plants. I herniated a disc in my back, leaving me immobile for months. My recovery included therapeutic walks in the woods. I started to take my field guide out into the woods and taught myself how to identify wild plants.


Ryan Milt with Asheville Wild Foods


Grace Anderson with Blushing Lakes


Jennifer Suess with Blue Lotus Design Studios


Justine Briggs with Justine Briggs Art


Marion Hearth with Goddess Ghee


Luke McLaughlin with Holistic Survival School


Rachel Blackburn with Wonderland Paint


Bonnie Currie with 


Ethan Peverall with Magus Tone Drums


Danielle Goldstein with Ra Ma Kaur


Anna Featherweaver with La Creatrix


Crowe with Crowe Henna Art


Gavin Easton with Suspended Creations


Lorin Purifoy with Purifoy Spirit Essences


Jessica Lohrey with Tree of India


Angelica Merritt with Danelion Days


Chanel Kaminis with Mountains to Sea