The Artisans


Marion Hearth founded Goddess Ghee in 2015 as an answer to a call to create and share her gifts with her community. Working solo until 2018, Marion expanded the Goddess Ghee team, a process she called "weaning her three-year-old." Ghee is an Ayurvedic medicine, made by slowly simmering butter creating "pure butter oil," loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K.

In the shop, you will find many different flavors of Goddess Ghee as well as their delicious Elderberry Syrup.

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Jennifer Suess of Blue Lotus Design Studios works out of her home studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She says her biggest inspiration is found in the beauty of nature, "especially rock formations, flowing water, and oh, the trees!" Jennifer's primary medium is wire-wrapping, and she says each stone speaks to her and allows her to intuitively create each piece.

In the shop, you will find her gorgeous handmade necklaces, made distinct by her delicate chains, adorned with gemstone beads.

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Justine Briggs is an occult visionary artist using watercolor and ink. Justine's mission is to "visualize the intangible shared experiences of the human creature." Many of Justine's pieces pay homage to the mystique and beauty of the feminine form.

In the shop, you will find Justine's unframed prints in various sizes, as well as a selection of framed archival prints.

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Brit Josa offers goods made from seasonal plants, flowers and trees. She carefully and intentionally crafts items for use in ceremony. All the plants she uses are wildcrafted or locally sourced from gardens and farmers in the Appalachian Mountains. In addition to creating her product line, Brit hosts a variety of workshops in the community, like making your own incense and more.

In the shop, you will find her popular Burning Bouquets, various herb bundles, as well as her Herbal Smokes, an uplifting alternative to cigarettes.

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Abby Artemisia of The Wander School is an herbalist, botanist and forager, who set out to turn her passion into a career. She offers plant walks, property surveys, herbalism classes, workshops, as well as an herbal product line. Recently, Abby published her first book, "The Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders: Farmed and Foraged Herbal Remedies and Recipes."

In the shop, you will find a few of her remedies, like her popular Every Purpose Salve, as well as her newly published book, The Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders.

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Autumn Austin of Journey There Wands is a therapist and Reiki Master, who studied Shamanism and Evolutionary Spirituality for many years. One day, as she was picking up sticks in her yard, Autumn felt the call from Spirit to begin intuitively crafting wands. Autumn said her style has "changed some overtime, but I am always amazed at what gets created when I'm in the flow of Spirit."

In the shop, you will find a selection of her rattles, wands and necklaces, crafted out of rare woods; crystals; cruelty-free feathers, bones and more.

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In 1986, Yolanda Martinez received a message from Great Spirit: "Make drums." She listened by crafting her first drum in 1987. Yet, Yolanda's mission was not complete. Spirit called out to her again, urging her to continue. Thus, her company Legends Alive was born. Yolanda aims to make drums that "wake up the soul, balance and connect you with Earth Mother's rhythms in nature: her heartbeat and song."

In the shop, you will find a selection of her Elk Skin Drums.

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"Hanami" is a Japanese word that means "flower viewing" and refers to the act of appreciating the beauty of spring cherry blossoms. Hanami Tea is an independent tea company operating in Asheville, NC. Kathryn started the company after 3 years of training at our local tea house. Kathryn "creates the blends based on herbal knowledge and creative intuition, to inspire people with divine, beautiful, kick-ass female role models."

In the shop, you will find the full line of Hanami's Goddess Herbal Tea Blends, inspired by goddesses from around the world.

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Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes has been using the fruits of the Earth to create trinkets and tools for as long as she can remember. "The colors of nature inspire me greatly, as does telling a short little story through my designs," Grace said. Grace uses animal parts she finds in nature, or she "rescues" them from a place where they are seen as "scraps" destined for the landfill.

In the shop, you will find a selection of her works of leather, fur and feathers, in the form of medicine pouches, jewelry, headbands, as well as her herb bundles.

Barnardsville, NC


One day, Nick Friedman of Woodcense and Duckpond Pottery noticed an aroma coming from the wood that he had leaned up against a hot surface created by fire. From this experience, Woodcense was born. Combining his love for nature and this discovery, Nick has handcrafted a wood diffuser kit that unlocks the aroma of each wood without the smoke. The pottery is made from clay gathered from the floor of the French Broad River Valley, where Nick's studio, Duckpond Pottery, is located.

In the shop, you will find his Woodcense Kits with everything you need to get started, as well as a collection of native woods.

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Amber Swaim is the "magical concoctress" at Glorious Forest Apothecary, crafting small-batch seasonal extracts, potions and more from local plants and crystals. She offers a variety of earth medicine and natural products that inspire health and a deeper understanding of your own healing path. Glorious Forest uses all locally and ethically sourced ingredients, often growing and harvesting many of the Earth allies herself.

In the shop, you will find a vast selection of her creations, from herbal honeys, to mists and potions, to her herbal hair rinse.

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Shanti Elixirs is "dedicated to helping people find peace, balance, and acceptance while honoring environmental stewardship." On her own journey, Shanti began to learn the arts of beekeeping and brewing Jun, which led her to launch Shanti Elixirs with her partner in early 2017. Their mission in creating Jun Tea is to marry the wisdom of ancient brewing traditions with as many locally sourced foods as possible.

In the shop, you will find their delicious Jun creations on tap, sold by the growler or by the glass. Our favorite is Blueberry Basil!

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Leah inherited the name "Solita" from her great grandmother. Solita is a Zapoteca Indian word meaning "little sun."  Raised in Appalachia, she is a third generation potter and says that the craft world greatly influences her jewelry creations. "I believe in creating jewelry that represents nature and exemplifies each wearer's natural beauty," she said.

In the shop, you will find her gorgeous hand-made necklaces and earrings, most of which contain moon imagery with gemstone adornments.

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