The Gift of Lakshmi Oil Roll On

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These roll on oils from The Gift of Lakshmi each feature a unique blend of essential oils, flower essences, and elemental infusions in order to create an aromatic oil that can be used on the body, or for anointing sacred objects.

Drops of Paradise: "Your life is a dance of bliss!"

Ingredients: Bergamot, ginger, copaiba and rose essential oils; zinnia flower essence; infused with yellow rose bud, red rose petals and quartz crystals.

Botanical Heaven: "Creativity is the divine in action through you."

Ingredients: Sandalwood, lavender, vanilla, rose and frankincense essential oils; yellow star tulip flower essence; infused with peony, chamomile and quartz crystals.

Gift of the Divine: "I shall shield, guide and protect you if you allow."

Ingredients: Himalayan fir, sage, orange, lavender and rose geranium essential oils; star of Bethlehem flower essence; infused with hibiscus, red rose and quartz crystals.

Magic Blend: "Spiritual and earthly abundance is yours if you choose to see."

Ingredients: Cedar, lavender, rose and frankincense essential oils; lotus flower essence; infused with blue mallow, red rose petals, red sandalwood, and quartz crystals.

Blue Fairy: "You are light! Your energy is pure love."

Ingredients:Contains: Elemi, Moroccan blue chamomile, ylang ylang, copaiba, and palmarosa essentail oils; iris flower essence; infused with cornflower, hop flower petals and quartz crystals.

Handcrafted by Jessica of The Gift of Lakshmi in Asheville, North Carolina

10 mL

.75" W by 3.45" H by .75" D