Unicorn's Breath Mist

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This Unicorn's Breath Mist is meant to evoke the majestic energy of the mystical creature we know and love. The creator calls these room and body mists "space shifters," and this particular one is meant to open the third eye to the magick of this realm.

"The mythology of the Unicorn inspires humanity's ability to believe.  Unicorn opens one to see infinite possibilities.  With this magical mist we are given the eyes to see beyond the beyond, and the sixth chakra is gently stimulated.  Unicorn is able to shift between the visible and the invisible with ease and grace," the creator wrote. "This mist invokes the ability to walk between the higher realms and the density of Earth, merging the divinity that is available to us at all times.  Danburite elevates consciousness, Apophyllite calls upon all Nature spirits, and Celestite draws heaven down to Earth."

Ingredients: essences of Apophyllite, Celestite and Danburite; Unicorn Essential Oil by Star Child; rose water; chalice well water and spring water.

Crafted by Ra Ma Kaur Apothecary in Asheville, NC

2 fl. oz. 

4.5" H by 1.4" W by 1.4" D

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