Virginia Rosenberg, Astrologer


Astrology is an ancient symbolic language and healing art based on the observation of heavenly bodies and their influence on life on Earth. Virginia combines interpreting sky-charts with reading the intuitive field. Sessions with her are grounding, clarifying, and affirming to what you know in your soul. She works with individuals, couples, families, and entrepreneurs to empower wholeness, understanding, and transformative change.

Come with your birth date, location, and time if you have it. Exact time is not essential, but it is helpful for most accuracy. If you aren't sure what time, Virginia is still able to read for you.

Virgina accpets cash, Venmo, check, PayPal, and credit card (3% fee) payments. She will accept walk-in's and appointments. Please call us at 828-707-7802 or email us at goddess(at)earth-magick(dot)com if you would like to setup an appointment. If you choose to email, please include your name, the date and time you want an appointment, and for how long. Virgina has a 15 minute minimum.

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