White Sage Stick

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The practice of burning incense or herbs to purify sacred space, create positive energy, or remove negative energy goes back beyond recorded history. Burning smoke was often thought to help carry prayers to the Gods, the Great Spirit or to Heaven, depending on which tradition was performing the ritual. Native Americans turned to a variety of sage called Salvia apiana, or white sage, and burned it to cleanse the spirit and purity sacred space. It is still commonly used in sweat lodges and other ceremonies. This practice has been adopted by millions worldwide and is referred to as “smudging."

White Sage is commonly used to cleanse the energy within a space or within oneself. Imagine your space as a chalkboard with writing all over it, outlining every detail of every single thing that has happened in the space since the beginning of time (or since the last time you performed an energy clearing). White Sage is the perfect ally for wiping the chalkboard clean and starting fresh.

These Organic White Sage Bundles are sustainably grown in California.  With certification from both the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), Sage Winds Farm is now the only certified organic growers of White Sage in the United States. That means when you purchase these bundles, you can be assured that everything is grown and produced sustainably and organically.

Sage Winds Farm grows Salvia apiana in a sustainable manner on a 40-acre farm in eastern San Diego County, at the center of the small natural range of this rare and elusive plant.

Small - 4.75" H by 1" W by 1" D

Medium - 6" H by 1.75" W by 1.75" D

Large - 9" H by 2" W by 2" D