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At this time of awakening to the idea that we are more than just our physical human experience, the Akashic Records Library is a powerful tool to facilitate conversations directly with our soul.

With the intention of embodying more of our power, purpose, and radiance - our limitless potential as multi-dimensional beings - our Record can help us remember what we came here to express, learn and share for our own growth and for the evolution of the planet.

Together, we access your Record to identify your soul’s wisdom, gifts, and memories that are waiting to be expressed, and discover how these aspects fit together to map out your unique destiny this lifetime. Next, we explore pathways to help you integrate this information as a practice to consistently create the reality that mirrors your soul’s truth.

As a reader, my intention is to empower every soul I come across to embrace their highest potential by illuminating what makes them special, highlighting opportunities for further growth, and providing tailored guidance that helps them leap forward towards greater soul recognition, fulfillment, love, abundance, and ultimately liberation from all suffering. My approach blends Yogic & Buddhist Philosophy, Cosmology, Universal Law, Psychology, Tarot, Drama Therapy, Energy Work, and many other Coaching frameworks and tools developed over a 6 year practice. I also harness the intuitive wisdom of Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine to co-create jewelry talismans and crystal elixirs for additional support on your soul’s journey.

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Page accepts walk-in clients, appointments, and long distance tarot card readings. Long distance readings can be over the phone or through video chat. She accepts cash, PayPal, and credit cards ($2 fee).