Tarot Readings with Meredith Aphieme




The heart decides, but for most of us our minds are like a hurricane of information dulling the voice of the heart. The electromagnetism of the heart is a powerful tool we do not know how to wield, and so we go on imploring strategies of manipulation when we could relax into what we need quite effortlessly. The process of Zen Tarot is for recognizing what is already there when we may not have the courage or wherewithal to face it alone.

Meredith has been reading from the Osho Zen Tarot Deck for 13 years and has been a full-time student of Buddhism since 2001. She is deeply influenced by teachings of Non-Violent Communication, Tantra Yoga, and Nature Herself. She offers readings in English or Thai.

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Schedule a Tarot Reading

Meredith accepts walk-in clients, appointments, and long distance tarot card readings. Long distance readings can be over the phone or through video chat. She accepts cash, Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards ($2 fee).