About Us

Earth Magick is a modern boutique with a spiritual twist;
specializing in local and global treasures to awaken the divine within.

We welcome all races and ethnicities, all religions, all countries of origin, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all abilities and disabilities, all spoken languages, all ages, everyone. We stand here with you, you are safe(r) here.


Our Commitment

ruby-record-keeper-34575.1605196194.jpgYour spiritual journey is uniquely your own. We are committed to offering treasures and services to help you on your path and to aid you in reconnecting with your inner being and aligning with your higher power. Our goal is to empower and support you in remembering who you truly are and awaken the divine within. We work hard to create a sacred space in the heart of historic downtown Asheville that supports local artisans, honors both ancient and modern cultures, and fosters a magickal energy within our community.


Keeping It Local


Our curator aims to fill our store with lovingly handmade tools and empowerment pieces from Asheville and the surrounding areas. There is so much soul and spirit here in the Appalachian Mountains - you can feel this in each and every item made here!

Some of the local handcrafted items include candles, brooms, herb bundles for burning, steel tone drums, chocolate, ghee, soaps, lotions, bath bombs, elixirs, mists, pottery, necklaces, earrings, tinctures, musical instruments, artwork, deer antler wands, oils, rattles, feather fans, and other unique gifts.

Take a look at our artisans page to learn more about each item. When you shop with us you are supporting our small business and the local community.


From Around the World


We also carry a wide variety of self-development and empowerment tools from around the world, including dreamcatchers handmade by villagers in Bali, top-grade gemstones from Madagascar and Brazil, Arkansas Lemurian Seed quartz crystals - directly from the ground to us, Tibetan relics, brass singing bowls from Nepal, Peruvian jewelry, pewter wands from California, metal and wood statues from Asia, silk pants from India, Moroccan trinkets, and hand carved animal skulls from Bali.

We also have a nice selection of vintage items from all over the world! You may find candle holders from Japan, vases from India, Turkish metal tea pot sets, English silver, ceramic and wood figurines from all over, ceramic vases from Holland, and Fenton crystal glassware.


Earth Friendly

deertongue-52159.1610560059.jpgAt Earth Magick, we strive to operate in an eco-friendly manner. Along with buying from estate sales and gem collectors whenever we can, we practice conscious consumerism when purchasing office supplies and always look for the best option.

Currently, we buy 70-100% post-consumer recycled printing paper, envelopes, toilet paper, trash bags, jewelry boxes, tissue paper, and bags. We also buy biodegradable packing tape, price tags, merchandise bags, cleaning supplies, and cups for jun tea. The boxes and packaging materials we receive from shipments are reused from previous shipments we have received. We also request that vendors and suppliers use eco-friendly, biodegradable plastic and labels.