Herbs for Burning

Use these bundles in ceremony and ritual work to set intention. You can also burn them in your home for cleansing and clearing or just to make your home smell amazing.

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Burners & Diffusers

We carry a unique selection of burners and diffusers from around the world. You will find fire safe containers for incense, charcoal with resin, and herb bundles.

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Oracle Decks

Shop our large selection of oracle decks. Use the cards as a divination tool, to inspire automatic writing, or as a fun game with friends.

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Gemstones & Fossils

We carry high-quality gemstones from Madagascar, India, Brazil, and Pakistan along with million-year-old fossils. We also buy and sell gemstones from estate sales.

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Singing Bowls & Drums

Wake up the soul and connect with Mother Earth's rhythms. Find handmade singing bowls from Nepal, locally make tone drums, and Native American elk skin drums.

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