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Ra Ma is an artist, astrologer, alchemical mentor, cosmic priestess, herbalist, gridkeeper, writer, yogi, and the creatrix of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories. Astrology and tarot entered her life in 1994, and she is passionate about how cosmic wisdom may support our lives in these radical times. She has recently received a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology through the Sophia Centre UWTSD. Her practice of Western Tropical astrology is an intuitive blend of ancient, contemporary, and mundane techniques.
Ra Ma is the keeper of EarthSeed Temple Arts for the Aquarian Age and regularly offers global pilgrimages to sacred sites including to Egypt, Avalon, and the South of France. She has crafted an online mystery school which houses courses that are a catalyst to help others create the life they truly desire.

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Book an Astrology or Tarot Reading

Ra Ma accepts walk-in clients, appointments, and long distance astrology and tarot readings. Long distance readings can be over the phone or through video chat. She accepts cash, Venmo, and credit cards (an additional 3% will be applied).