Tarot Readings with Amber Moon



amber-moon77.jpgWhen in balance, the wisdom of the heart and soul are able to illuminate the mind with truth, understanding and pure perception. In this space, clear knowing reigns and confusion dissolves revealing the Way. 

Intuitively guiding through the maze of the mind back into the heart center, we are able to work together to dissolve root causes of imbalance and empower one in living their highest and most fulfilling path in life.

Amber's spiritual and healing journey began as a teenager and led her through natural health, meditation, various spiritual traditions, shamanic healing, sweat lodge, energy healing, and stone medicine. During her readings over the past 10 years, she intuitively weaves both the Gendron Tarot and the Universal Rider-Waite decks. She is an ordained minister, Reiki master, Yoga Teacher, Massage and Cranial Sacral therapist, Emotion Code practitioner, and artistic alchemist unifying elements of Gaia’s manna to create amulets and energy tools.

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Book a Tarot Reading

Amber accepts walk-in clients, appointments, and long distance tarot card readings. Long distance readings can be over the phone or through video chat. She accepts cash, CashApp, PayPal, and credit cards ($2 fee).