Bamboo Water Bottle

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These beautifully crafted all natural Bamboo Water Bottles include a rubber bottom and newly designed lid for holding temperature even longer!  This is a sustainable alternative for single-use plastic bottles and cups made of 100% organic bamboo with a high quality stainless steel interior.

These bottles are compact and fit your standard cup holder and keep beverages hot for 8 hours or cold the whole day. Each bottle includes a tea infuser. This detachable stainless steel infuser can be used to infuse loose leaf tea or fruit.

Most importantly there are no harmful plastic, chemical smells, or toxins used in this bamboo water bottle. Each travel bamboo tumbler is tested to the highest standard and are certified both BPA and lead free.

PEACE Bamboo Tumbler 

This Bamboo Water Bottle serves as a simple reminder to slow your breath, honor the stillness within and feel the boundless love and light that surrounds you. Drink in feelings of LOVE & UNITY with every sip. Feel your connection to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Feel the connection to it ALL.

LOVE Bamboo Tumbler

This Bamboo Water Bottle is laser etched with the word love paired with a beautiful original mandala that includes the powerful creation pattern known as the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is an ancient sacred geometry symbol showing the unity in all beings. The Flower of Life symbol attracts and amplifies positive energy.

NAMASTE Bamboo Tumbler

This Bamboo Water Bottle is engraved with the word namaste. There is a sacred lotus flower in the center of the design along with The Seed of Life symbol at the very top. Namaste is a blessing that simply means, I bow to you. The lotus flower symbolizes the ever unfolding journey of life, self-regeneration, and resilience. The Seed of Life is sacred geometry symbol representing creation, protection, and fertility. 

WANDERLUST Bamboo Tumbler

This bamboo water bottle is etched with the word wanderlust, a mountain range and the moon phases. This bamboo stainless steel tumbler is perfect for bringing on all your adventures. Wanderlust means to have a strong desire to travel. The moon phases represent inner guidance and how we are all ever evolving.  

The concept and design was created by sister duo, Patty and Kelly. Bhavana Bottles is a woman owned company located in the USA. 

16.9oz:  500ml, 2.75" D x 9" H

17.9.oz:  530ml, 2.75" D x 9.25" H