Aromatherapy & Forest Magick with Woodcense Wood Diffuser

Aromatherapy & Forest Magick with Woodcense Wood Diffuser

Posted by Auburn Lily on March 13th 2018

Wood Aromas Started in Japan

In 595 AD, agarwood washed ashore on Awaji island in Japan. The people who found it noticed when they placed the wood near a fire, it filled the area with an unbelievable aroma. Kōdō was created, the ancient Japanese art of appreciating incense, or 香道, "Way of Fragrance."

Then Transfered to North Carolina

Fast forward hundreds of years later and Nick Friedman out of Brevard, North Carolina had a similar experience. He noticed an aroma coming from wood that had been leaned up against a hot surface created by fire. From this experience and his love of nature, Woodcense was born. Nick has handcrafted a wood diffuser kit that provides the aroma of each wood without the smoke.

The Wood Diffuser Kit

The ceramic structure allows you to place a small cutting of wood right above the flame, heating it up without ever setting it on fire. As the wood heats, its natural oils are released, and the aroma fills the room within minutes.

This handmade wood diffuser kit comes with everything you need for practing aromatherapy in your home, office, or mediation room. The kit comes with wood cuttings, a palm wax tea light, and the ceramic structure.

The pottery is made from clay gathered from the floor of the French Broad River Valley, where Nick's studio, Duckpond Pottery, is located. This clay is the final remnant of what were once 30,000 foot volcanic mountains that existed even before the Atlantic Ocean formed.

Once the pottery is shaped using this geologically significant clay, it is fired in an open flame pit kiln, and colored with a variety of organic materials and vegetation, harvested along the edge of the Pisgah National Forest.

Woodcense offers a variety of wood cuttings, including Alder, Juniper, Apple, Balsam Fir, Black Cherry, Blue Spruce, Western Cedar, Hickory, Mahogany, Pecan, Pinion, Sassafrass, and Walnut.

Your kit will come with 4 pieces of wood locally sourced from the Appalachian Mountains here in North Carolina, but you can use any type of wood in the Woodcense Diffuser, including cuttings from your own yard, palo santo and even sage! Each piece of wood can last months even a year, because you never burn the wood itself.

Woodcense allows us to connect with ancient and primitive wisdom by practicing the "way of fragrance" which started half way around the world. At the same time, these kits are infused with the magick of the land here in Western North Carolina.

Make wood diffusing part of your every day routine and soak in the aromas of the forest. These kits are available in our shop and online for just $40 each - one of our bestsellers!