Aventurine: The Stone Of Opportunity

Aventurine: The Stone Of Opportunity

Posted by Cori Sundara on August 18th 2017

Aventurine is a variety of quartz stone that is accented by particles of mica and hematite. This hard stone comes in many colors. The most common aventurine color is green but it can also be blue, brown, orange, peach, purple, red, silvery-gray or yellow. The green quartz variety is however the most powerful of this stone possessing many favorable attributes.

Green aventurine is known as the "Stone of Opportunity". It brings one a successful attitude and improves the ability to achieve one's goals. It can aid in the release of old disappointments, habits, and negative behaviors. Through release of such problems, one is able to change for the better. The ancient Taoists used aventurine to break up stuck emotions and detox the body. It is known to enhance creativity, patience, and tranquility.

In History

The use of aventurine by humans began millions of years ago. Tools made with aventurine rocks were found in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. Green aventurine was also used to adorn statues in ancient Tibet. In the past it was known as the "stone of the Amazons." The ancient Amazonian warriors mined for aventurine deep in the rock deposits of Brazil long ago and used it for talismans and jewelry.

Aventurine for Prosperity

It has long been thought to bring abundance, good luck, and opportunity. Green aventurine in particular is used to bring good luck to one's home. For prosperity, place 3 aventurine stones in a dish and set them in front of a garden gnome.

Spiritual Health

The healing properties of green aventurine are said to calm and sooth. It may help one come to a more peaceful state of awareness and help to release uncertainty and unrest. It encourages harmony between the auric, emotional, intellectual, and physical bodies. It can help restore ones natural rhythm. It also helps one to live life in accordance with what is in one's heart. This allows change, renewal, and re-vitalization to be more easily embraced. Aventurine can also enhance the connection with one's guardian angel and spirit guides.

Physical Health

The physical healing properties of aventurine are known to strengthen the heart and circulatory system. Green aventurine crystals are believed to facilitate improvement in cardiac conditions and heart problems while in recovery. Green quartz crystals may enhance energy and movement while assisting with the regenerative healing process. Green aventurine can help give deep, restoring sleep that is required for physical heath.

Emotional Health

An overactive mind can be more easily quieted with the help from this stone. Emotional wounds are eased with the help of its soothing energy. It can also promote a good sense of humor, optimism, and joy. Aventurine may help one become grounded during times of change. It can bring one balance and harmony while reducing any feelings of anger.

Use Aventurine Daily

Wear aventurine jewelry as pendants, earrings, and necklaces that keep the quartz near the throat or heart chakras. You can also keep an aventurine tumbled stone in a pocket so it is always close to you and readily available.