Handmade Native American Elk Skin Drums by Yolanda Spirit Drums

Handmade Native American Elk Skin Drums by Yolanda Spirit Drums

Posted by Auburn Lily on May 4th 2018

Spiritual Beginnings

In 1986, Yolanda Martinez received a message from the Great Spirit: "Make drums." She listened by crafting her first drum in 1987, but her mission was not complete. Spirit called out to her again, urging her to continue. Thus, her company Legends Alive was born where she would later produce music.

Yolanda is an Apache/Comanche/Hispanic woman, born in New Mexico. She has bounced around from place to place over the years, even residing in Asheville for 6 years. Now, she is back in New Mexico, creating beautiful handmade drums and holding ceremony.

Yolanda aims to make drums that, "wake up the soul, balance and connect you with Earth Mothers rhythms in nature: her heartbeat and song."

You can read more about Yolanda's spiritual journey on her website.

Using Drums in Ceremony

Historically, drums were used in Native American ceremony, especially in the plains and the Southwest. Usually led by men, the ceremonies often included a purification -- usually in a sweat house and with incense throughout the ritual -- singing, dancing, and using rattles, drums and whistles.

As a descendent of these tribes, Yolanda Martinez taps into this tradition with her drums. Every handcrafted drum has the intention to be used in ceremony or as a healing tool.

Drums are also one of the most recognizable shamanic tools, traditionally used by shamans from all over the world. Drums can be used to set pacing, punctuate, and add force behind energy work.

Native American Elk Skin Drums in Asheville

Handmade elk skin Native American drums have been a staple at Earth Magick since we opened our doors. People from all over come into the store not knowing they are about to buy a handmade drum. We have had customers tell us that the drum picked them. We would agree that magick is happening and each drum does pick the person it wants to go home with!

Elk energy traditionally represents standing tall in your power and also signifies a "time of plenty," meaning that everything that you need, you shall receive.