Our Team

V. Sahānā

sahana222.jpgFounder & Heart-Centered Curator

Earth Magick was born from a spiritual awakening, a call from Creator. V followed this call, igniting her heroine’s journey of coming home to herself and standing in her truth.
She was led to a local Taoist Stone Medicine Program where she learned the basics of gemstones and crystals through ancient teachings. As she became more and more immersed in this world, she answered a deeper calling – to actively create in this realm. She began building a collection and vending at festivals and events in and around Asheville. One of the main questions she would always receive is, "Do you have a storefront?". It was clear to her what the next step was.
V started collecting self-development and empowerment pieces from the local community as well as looking for high quality imports. While waiting for the right retail space to come along she realized all these items, when put together, had their own heartbeat. What she had begun to foster was now taking on a life of its own, begging for space to flourish, to blossom. A sacred space, a sanctuary for those seeking healing and awakening the Divine within.
This unfurling allows V to channel her creative juices and connect to Creator directly, as she curates and designs Earth Magick using ancient Feng Shui techniques. She continues to work towards creating a safe(r) place where people feel revitalized and validated.
She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her children, marveling at them as they grow up. In her free time you can find her deep in meditation or in the Appalachian Mountains near a waterfall or old gem mine.

Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Certified Reiki Practitioner, Master & Teacher

- Certified in Daoist Stone Medicine, Level I & II
- Permaculture Design Student
- Ordained Minister 


Andrea Brown

Store Managerandrea.png

Beginning at an early age, Andrea has always been passionate about music and the performing arts. In 2005, she moved to Boone to attend the music school at Appalachian State University and it was there she discovered the practice of yoga and kirtan. Chanting ancient mantras opened her heart to healing and she felt a deep desire to connect to the higher realms through meditation and engaging in a path of devotion. These passions led her away from traditional education and into her journey of self discovery. After many years traveling on the West Coast of the United States, she felt a desire to move back to the Appalachians and begin learning about energy work so that she could heal herself and give back to others in a meaningful way. 

In 2020 she received her Reiki level I II & III Certification and is currently starting her own business Radiant Alchemy Reiki. She is devoted to supporting others through their inner world of healing and transformation with love, connection, and safety. Moving forward, Andrea is working toward her Reiki Master Certification, exploring working with sound healing frequencies, studying gemstone and crystal healing, and learning to channel and access the Akashic Records.

Outside of the shop you can find her practicing Kundalini yoga, meditating, reading a variety of oracle cards, playing in the woods, dancing, and listening/singing to music.

- Certified Reiki Partitioner, Level I, II, & III
- Creator of Radiant Alchemy Reiki


Paige Bethmannimage-coming-soon-placeholder.png

Assistant Store Manager

In 2009 Paige had her first awakening, then moved to self-realization and reflective journeys at an early age. She worked in 12 step programs, began reading esoteric books, sought mind/body/spirit evolution, and explored her soul consciousness. Her search for enlightenment continued in her dedicated practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and she eventually became a certified teacher in these areas. As awakening continued to expand into the ascension process, she was brought to a life of healing, joy, and service.

She has truly found a life of authenticity through the mysteries of heart devotion and it is ever expanding and evolving everyday. After training and dedicated practice in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Crystals, and Energetic Therapy, she began diving into Past Life Regression and Soul exploration where she found Dolores Cannon's work with QHHT. Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions offer us a bigger picture of soul journeying, and connects us to all of our multidimensionality. Paige offers QHHT in person sessions, as well as BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) online sessions, and Multidimensional Integrative Therapy.

Paige loves helping others explore their metaphysical questions, and uncovering soul memories through quantum healing. In addition, she especially enjoys exploring the role of starseeds, as well as learning about galactic heritage and galactic ascension.

She continues to enjoy her creative expression through video production, writing, fine arts, and music. And she’s still deeply connected to mind/body wellness, spending every day with nature, and heart practice. Paige is thankful to be on this journey in the ascension of our collective consciousness.

Master Fine Arts in Film Editing, American Film Institute
Bachelors of Science in Filmmaking and Digital Video Production, Art Institute of California
- Certified QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Practitioner
- Certified BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Practitioner
- Certified Multidimensional Therapy Practitioner
- Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level I & II
- Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


Madisyn Alberry

Social Media Managermadisyn2.png

Madisyn is an Astrologer, Artist, Healer, and Teacher.

Madisyn is very passionate about the work she does as an Astrologer. Once Madisyn experienced the transformation that Astrology created for her own life, she knew she had to share this wisdom with others, and her business Butterfly Medicine was born. Through Butterfly Medicine she connects with individuals through her Astrology Readings and Astrology Classes. Madisyn is passionate about sharing the wisdom of Astrology to connect individuals back to their power and their purpose. 

As Earth Magick's Social Media Manager Madisyn is able to share her love of metaphysics. In this position she helps Earth Magick by creating content for their social media, writing weekly Journal Entries, along with many other beautiful tasks.

- Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level I & II

- Owner of Butterfly Medicine


Shayla DiTollashayla-ditolla.png

Web Manager

Shayla is an elusive Gemini and typically likes to remain ambiguous. She was born and raised in New England along the Connecticut shoreline. Growing up near the ocean brought her a sense of peace and appreciation for nature, as she would spend her time collecting shells and creating various art projects. She decided to move away from home and attend college in the Appalachian mountains after going on a road trip with her Mom to find the next place for her fresh start. After being completely enamored with the Appalachian Mountains, she traded in her beach town for the amazing mountains she now calls home.
Through studying Mass Communication and Sociology, she has been able to use both her media background and sociological imagination to develop projects she is passionate about. Shayla has an excitement for working with businesses that have a positive and people-oriented approach. She considers herself to be a lifelong student, always taking in new information and reading to grow her understanding of the world and different perspectives. In her spare time, she enjoys learning and studying astrology, tarot, crystals, and various workings as well as playing with her sweet rescue pup, Luna.
Bachelors of Mass Communication, Emory & Henry College
Bachelors of Mass Sociology, Emory & Henry College


Shauna Moranshauna-m.png

Sales Associate

Shauna grew up loving nature, always studying bugs, plants and finding solace in the natural world. After experiencing initiation through addiction, an intentional meeting lead her to reiki where the soul-transforming energy helped inspire her to get sober and follow the healers path.

Moving to Asheville was the first of many steps that have led to her learning about herbalism and alternate healing methods, which she continues to work with. Here she uses her knowledge of plants and experience with organic farm work in the Virgin Islands to concoct herbal teas specializing in relaxation and sleep aid and to grow plants.

Shauna currently attends AB-Tech, pursuing Substance Abuse Counseling with a vision to open a holistic transition home for addicts and inmates to peacefully re-enter society. She hopes to achieve this through her very first love and solace, nature, while also combining mental and emotional well-being and other alternative outlets for people. Reiki is another method she would like to continue working with to help heal herself and others.

Shauna continues to learn and explore in Asheville and in her free time can be found sunbathing at the numerous waterfalls in the area, meditating, or drawing.

- Certified Reiki Partitioner, Level I
- AB-Tech Student


Sydney Groulximage-coming-soon-placeholder.png

Sales Associate

Sydney is another Earth Magick light worker with a strong desire to raise the consciousness of the collective through inspiring others to find their own authentic path. Having come to Asheville over a year ago to learn about alternative healing methods such as meditation, yoga, reiki, herbalism, crystal healing, and spending more time with nature, she knew she needed to make Asheville her home. Part of her path was discovering that she had the power to heal herself, change her life, and use the divine magick we all have within us to manifest her dreams into reality. Learning to connect with Mother Earth, explore the depths of the soul to find the divine light within, and heal the self and others is truly what witchcraft is all about, and Sydney is all about it.

Having found the power to transcend codependencies on substances, people, and fixed ideologies, and instead validate herself and cultivate her own unique path, she is adamant about sharing her experience and hope with others… especially young women who feel trapped in the darkness of the victim mentality cycle. She is passionate about the fact that we all have the ability to free ourselves, no matter whether another person, set of circumstances, or the entire world seems too overpowering. Sydney is in the process of starting up her own life-coaching platform to help young women on their paths to self-actualization. 

Bachelors of Science in Psychology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Minor in Public Health, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Kari Ann Stotzkari-ann-stotz44.jpg

Eco Cleaner

Kari Ann lives in the Asheville area where she owns and operates her eco-friendly cleaning business, Shimmer & Shine. She uses all natural cleaning supplies and sometimes makes her own recipes to ensure all products used are non-toxic. She is very mindful about leaving every space feel clean and cozy for the homeowner to return.

Kari Ann comes into Earth Magick weekly to take care of the shop and our beloved plants. She has a green thumb and also connects with the plants on an energetic level. While she is at the shop cleaning, she often gets Sutra out for some snuggles!

In her down time, Kari Ann loves to be in nature with her daughter, growing herbs, and making medicine from plants. Email Kari Ann (kariannstotz at gmail dot com) if you would like to speak with her about all natural cleaning for your home or business.




Leucistic Ball Python

Earth Magick would not be the same without our familiar, Sutra. He is a leucistic ball python around 4-years-old which is similar to being 12-years-old in human years. He is one of the most loving and curious creatures we have ever happened upon. He loves hanging around with our shop keepers and meeting new friends, especially kids!

Sutra came into our lives in June 2018, after receiving many messages from Spirit that we were in great need of snake medicine. Here at Earth Magick, we believe snake medicine is all about transformation and transmutation – shedding what no longer serves us and embodying our Truest Self – letting go of something to become something greater. The serpent also stands for abundance and protection.

Befriending Sutra has been such a joy for everyone here at Earth Magick, team members and customers alike. Unless there is a risk of inclement weather or power outage, he is always in the shop, but is not always out of his habitat. After all, he needs his beauty rest!