2019 Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Astrology Report

2019 Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Astrology Report

Posted by Virginia Rosenberg on July 15th 2019

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16, 2019 (5:39pmEST) is a partial Lunar Eclipse.

Slow down and take the shape of deep, permanent change.

Eclipses are major portals of transformation. For support and insight on this eclipse, register for a self-guided journey through eclipse season, now half-off at $13.

This Moon is subterranean. It unearths powerful feelings and profound recollections. Things we see and feel now have been there all along. Now is an opportunity to face those realities, and be changed by them.

Clear your fear of going beneath the surface. Your power lives there, in the dark.

A grave. A cave. A canyon.

Turn towards the opening. Take the dark tunnel. Descend into the cellar.

Feel the cold wet stone. Hear the water dripping. Smell the ancient air, suspended in space and substratum.

Where fungus grows on wine bottles. Each drop a legend of toil and harvest. Vines and kin persistent through war, peril, pillage, and restoration. Weather for chemistry.

Uncork the brew and have a drink.

Liquid lineage.

Tastes like legacy.

Bitterness stimulates digestion.

What makes it medicine or poison? The amount, and historical contents of the substance itself.

Look for the lineage in everything you meet. The iris in the eye. The marrow in the bones.

Run your hand along the rock wall. Find the fissures in the stone. Take passage into grander canyons. Let liminal space lead to the underworlds. Nether regions. Temples within temples. Bedrock. Underbelly. Catacombs.

This Moon is an excavation. We are mining.

This Moon is a tomb, exhumed.

To exhume is to un-bury the dead.

To bring the obscure and neglected to light.

Earth shifts and opens. Watch the uncovering. Pockets bubbling up like lava. Truth never stays hidden.

Past is never past. It forms the very flesh we live in.

Soil overturns secrets and long-held memories. Pandora’s box or a goldmine? Greet the ghosts and familiar faces. Take the trip down memory lane. Welcome these opportunities for understanding and closure.

This is a Moon of heightened awareness and intense feeling. Of storms and rubble. Of ruins and remains. Junk, trash, and treasure. Find fragments and artifacts.

Nameless bones and ash are offerings. Fare for the other-realms.

We are clearing the path. Pulling weeds up at the root. Purging toxicity.

What are you releasing for once and for all? What are you offering up? What deep-seated patterns are being interrupted?

This Moon is a Descent. A crumbling monolith. Towers are made to tumble. We are exhausted - no longer able to prop up distortions. Failure is a blessing. Take the imminent fall. Rest your weary bones.

Let the bonds break. Allow the cords to be cut. This compost is fertilizer for coming growth. Wait for radical re-creation to take hold. These changes are enduring. Make way…

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