2019 New Moon in Capricorn & Annular Eclipse Astrology Report

Posted by Virginia Rosenberg on December 24th 2019

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 26, 2019 (12:12amEST) is an Annular Solar Eclipse.

End-of-an-Era Moon. Moon of Big Beginnings. Cosmic Clearing Moon. Ring of Fire Moon. Crowning Moon. Moon of the Holy Return. Nourish and Shape Moon. Moon of Epic Opportunity. Days Gone By Moon. Elder Birth Moon. Moon of Accumulated Darkness. Old Growth Moon. Long Since Moon. Stump Moon. Aged Openings Moon. Moon of the Widening Shadow. Fir Moon. Halo Moon. Moon of Burrowing. Nook and Cranny Moon. Crone Moon. Slip-through-Cracks Moon. Old Hag of the Breasts Moon. Protect Us, Moon. Here we Grow Moon.

Just following Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are already in the darkest time of year. Then the Moon comes along and blocks out the Sun’s light, casting a shadow upon us on Earth. So those of us in the North, we’re in the dark dark. In winter and shadow.

Revere the holy, fertile darkness. Let it swathe you. Feel yourself inside it.

The unknown. The mystery. The nooks, alcoves, and recesses.

Animals in the wild over-winter in burrows underground.

Find one for yourself. A lair. Withdrawal from the outer world and go within.

Amidst a dominant culture that privileges light and externals, entwining with Dark is a radical act of remembering and reclamation.

Turn towards your own darkness. There you’ll find the focus and power you crave. Be in the silence.

Somehow, going into the dark reminds us of the light. The seeds of light are contained and gestated in the darkness. Maybe light is accumulated darkness?

The dark that covers us now is developing the light that is to come. A light that is already growing - each day lasting for a minute longer than the one preceding it.

During an annular Solar Eclipse, the Sun does not completely disappear behind the Moon. When the eclipse reaches maximum (this time at 12:17amEST), the Sun’s light can be seen from behind the Moon as a halo or annulus.

The ring of fire.

This Moon is the Crowning before a rebirth.

Eclipses are turning points.

Portals of destiny. We experience 2 or 3 of them every 6 months. Whatever transpires under this eclipse will continue to echo for 6-18 months following its occurrence.

Solar Eclipses are big beginnings.

Here we grow.

This lunation joins with Jupiter in Capricorn, highlighting our awareness of the projects and developments that will be unfolding throughout 2020. It shows us how we’ll be learning and expanding.

In the next couple of weeks, we have a major and EPIC opportunity to clear out the old and establish the new.

There are multiple longterm planetary cycles concluding and beginning, including a new 200+ year cycle.

This is, quite literally, the end of an era.

The defining moments of December 2019 and January 2020 hold impact for the rest of our lives.

Let Go.

This Moon is a Cosmic Clearing. Its endings are permanent.

Rid yourself of what’s no longer working. Set down your burdens and clean up your baggage.

We may not yet have complete certainty about where we’re headed. That’s okay. For now,

Make space.

Clear the decks.

Prune away what feels lifeless. Direct the energy in your life to be shaped by what is most vital.

When we prune a tree, we do not ask to know how the branches will grow back. We simply make room and trust that new growth will be natural. New growth will be eventual. It will be what it needs to be.

“Like crystals growing underneath the surface, the deepest magic is born in slowness.”
— Asia Suler

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