2020 New Moon in Cancer Astrology Report

2020 New Moon in Cancer Astrology Report

Posted by Virginia Rosenberg on July 20th 2020

The New Moon in Cancer on July 20, 2020 (at 13:32EST) is serious. 

Handle with care.

In a time of heavy weather, seek sanctuary. This is a weighty and emotional Moon.

We made it through Eclipse Season - and its resonances will continue to unfold over the next 6 months.

This is the second New Moon in Cancer in a month. Look back at what the previous one activated on June 20, 2020 (the themes within this reading are very relevant now).

The last Cancer New Moon was a point of no return. A changing of the guard. A pledge of belonging-to.

A moment to consider our allegiances, sense our lineage of attachments, and change the legend.

In the last month since that Moon, we have been digging the bones. Unearthing essential memories. Bringing ages-old oppressions to account.

Those who got quiet could feel an ancient weight lifting, like the piercing of a veil, or the uncrossing of a curse.

The deeper we go into the layers of soil, stones, shit, and bones, the more real things get. Synchronously denser and lighter. More earthly, and more astral. Into the sparkling black space dust that’s been here longer than we can compute. Substantive substrate. Base material reminding us of our oldest home.

We are in the early labor of descent. On the way down, may we continue to be met with obstacles that set us free.

How This Moon Feels

This Moon is weary and emotional. Concerned. Somber. Sober. Morose.

It highlights the ways we aren’t resourced - indicates where we are fragile or overly defended - and instructs on how we need to be held and become better equipped to meet the times.

It also aligns us with a sense of purpose, committed connection, and our own integrity.

This is a grow-up Moon.

We face the necessity of emotionally processing what has transpired since March 5, 2020 (when Saturn was last transiting this degree), and setting up structures that respond appropriately to needs.

This Moon reveals restraints. It asks us to fully consider longterm implications and impacts from a responsible and holistic lens.

How will we meet requirements?
How will we advance within bounds?
How can we respond positively and effectively to burdens, restrictions, and limits?

What kind of world am I building for my family?

Under stressful conditions, how do I affirm life?

We are living in lean times. Invite essential nutrients for fortification and longterm sustenance.

Move carefully. Move with maturity, wisdom, and consideration.

To move carefully depends on awareness, discernment, and attuned intuition. Fear dulls our instincts and disrupts our broader compassionate intelligence.

Anxiety is not intuition.

Hypervigilance is distinct from carefulness. This reactive, defensive state stems from feeling a lack of control over one’s environment or condition. Hypervigilance erodes inner stability and chronically perpetuates perceptions of separation.

To be careful is to be full of care.

To be responsible is to be able to respond.

Listen with your whole self.

Place less emphasis on the world as something to guard against and more emphasis on the world as something to foster and cultivate into a real and connected place.

People are hurting. Systems are fragile. Fear is thick.

Every response that is happening right now matters. Each one is important to consider and weave into the cloth of how we move through this current context of mystery. Resist the urge to blame, shame, block, or fortify your fortress.

Wherever you can, respond with care. Respond with the awareness that everyone you meet is somebody’s child.

When urgency presents itself, give it time.

Emergency is a marker of conditions in existence that are emergent (budding, rising, emanating).

These puzzles are not easily solved. Give them time. Give them attention.

Encounter yourself. Don’t let the tension break you. Avoid shutting down or numbing right now. Cloister and feel in doses. If you are struggling or in pain, embrace yourself. You can do this.

Request support.

Find soul food.

Hold yourself. Allow yourself to be held, through this.

Out of necessity, people everywhere live into the question: how do we remake this world in the semblance of care?

We tend ourselves and our families. Build refuge within reach. Securing whatever’s beloved for generations to come.

Bones, Blood, Belonging

Themes of inheritance are up under this Moon.

A long history courses through our bodies, according to the matrices we and our predecessors came up in.

This Moon triggers sensitive and storied pain points around bonding and safety. Of particular import are impressions from early childhood, relationships with caregivers, as well as place-and-family of origin.

Every time and each way care was given to us or taken from us has been cellularly imprinted.

Every time our needs were met or we experienced a lack of bonding connection was written into us.

What made us feel unsafe when we were young?
What strategies have we developed or followed to gain authority or control?
What do we need to do to feel secure and realistically face what is happening in the world?

We are walking historical records, and our bodies regenerate by the day.

“Our bones [which provide the framework of our bodies,] are not inflexible like wood or rocks. They have an inherent ability to bend as needed in response to movements and impact… Bones are highly dynamic organs that are continually being rebuilt...Adults regrow 5 to 10 percent of their bones every year, meaning that a full replacement can occur in about 10 years.
— Leah Webb*

The past is carried with us. And with intention and sustenance, we grow the future inside of us.

We are rebuilding the bones.

The version of ourselves and our world that we’ve grown familiar with is rapidly dying back. We blinked and it was over. Knowing that grief is praise, we won’t allow this death to go ungrieved.

The Shape of Sincerity

Just Add Water

How do we become more of ourselves during a collective crisis?

Remaining right where we are, rather than receding or advancing.

Being in the living moment without dulling ourselves, or becoming hard, brittle, and unreachable.

In a climate of fear, instability, and collapse, is it useful to pause and soften?

Practice trusting. Reconciling. Reaching for repair.

“Cry so that the clay that makes up your body softens and does not harden.
— Ellen.Itzel.Mena **

The environment, in cleanliness and in toxicity, pulses through our inner waters.

We can’t help what we encounter. But we can help ourselves.

Accept responsibility for yourself and what is honestly within your control.

Allow your body to take the shape that feels earnest and sincere.

A Biological Blueprint

How We’re Made and What We Make

This Moon asks us to become more equipped to help ourselves and those close to us. Top-down hierarchical models will not be sufficient to meet needs in the times ahead. Supremacy in all its forms is nearing total ruin. That’s simply what time it is. A great exhale. But it will not happen overnight, and the labor of rebirth is a trip. It takes tremendous intention, presence, endurance, perseverance, and commitment to expansion to bring a new world into being.

Our data systems and talking points fail to encapsulate the holism that is vital to guiding us through such incomprehensible waters. Supremacist, hierarchical, patriarchal conditioning is more irrelevant and blinding by the day, but it still lives within us, and we reckon with it as collapse uncoils.

The intensity with which these systems of belief and soulless lifeways attempt to consolidate is evidence of their impending extinction.

“During an extinction event, the response is adaptation. Biology goes into an explosive effort to find alternative biologic pathways. There is an explosion of genetic intelligence. Any naturally-occurring virus is actually an adaptation event towards the next opportunity for an explosion of life on Earth. Imagine we could realign and witness a level of biologic diversity and resilience that’s never been seen in 4 billion years.
— paraphrased interview with Zach Bush, MD***

We must wayfind together. By trusting each other and respecting our differences. How do we take collective action that honors the bio-individuality of each person’s needs?

We can’t think or fight our way through this. We have to listen, feel, move earnestly, and allow for eventual rebalance.

To do so is to genuinely trust what it is to be inherently interdependent and biodiverse. To do so is to descend and extend into the matrices of Nature.

This is an immense learning curve, but it is also innate. We are organisms enmeshed within the eternal fabric of divinely designed, elegant ecosystem.

The Earth is fruitful and multiplying, regenerating itself in fractal inter-dimensions.

We are mutating at an almost untrackable speed. Becoming unrecognizable to our past selves. Becoming kindred with our ancestors of a more ancient future. Becoming something nothing has ever been before.

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