3 Ways to Charge Your Crystals with the New Moon

3 Ways to Charge Your Crystals with the New Moon

Posted by Megan Caswell on August 3rd 2021

This year’s new moon in Leo is coming up this week. A time for merging ourselves with our most authentic heart expression yet, even if we’re unsure of what this is becoming. We can begin to feel or observe certain aspects of our lives, habits, behaviors, and friend groups begin to become less alluring, as unfamiliar or previously unattainable experiences begin to tease us. Nuzzling their heads up against our legs, asking for our attention, and then skirting out of sight before we can identify who or what exactly they were. We are being encouraged into unshared, or unexplored light facets of ourselves. We are being asked to trust, being asked to step up, and step out. What makes us feel unapologetically ourselves, what makes us feel apologetically ourselves but still divinely, delectably, us.. Are there parts of us we hide away, even though leaning into them feels so-delicious. I sense that this new moon can help us try on coming out in new skins, even if they feel uncomfortable for now. Can we use that Lion’s flamboyance, and ostentatious arrogance, to own it, to fake it, to do it anyway. If this feels unattainable or if you don’t even know where to begin, or can’t feel anything “emerging” from you at all. Have no fear, our crystal friends are here. Our crystal friends can help us connect to energies we’re still learning to embody. Our crystal connections can help us focus our intentions, and focus our paths. Here are three different ways you can charge your crystals under the new moon, for extra help accessing the energies coming up through the new moon portal. 

1. Bathing with Them

Tried and true way to feel like an absolute babe/goddess/godd/deity, whatever you’re in the mood for feeling like. Water is a delightfully conductive medium for moving electrical currents or in this case moon energetics through itself and into you. Around you, through you, and through your crystals. Bathing with them helps you connect with yourself, with the energies of your personal crystals, and both of you with the current celestial movements. Definitely make sure that your crystals are safe for water submersion, not all are. I’d hate for you to have a dissolved crystal situation on your hands. So learn more about your crystals, discover if they enjoy water, and jump in. 

2. Grounding Them 

This is one of my personal favorites, and if you’re comfortable getting your hands a little dirty, maybe it will become yours. This is where you actually put your crystals back into the Earth. The Earth, her energetic grids, and ley lines seem to be in constant communion with the shifting of the celestials. Her charge will definitely reflect and diffuse the energies of the new moon into the crystals that you place within her soil. Your crystals can also be cleared, cleansed, and rejuvenated through this reconnection. I like to dig a shallow hole with my hands, where disturbances to the ground won’t be noticed, and place my crystals gently in. I generally give them a little blessing or set some intentions, and leave them in the Earth until morning. If you don’t want this to be messy, you can always dig the hole with a gardening tool and gloves. If you place your crystals in a box or a fabric bag this can help the crystals from getting messy themselves. Mark your spot, so that you can be sure to find them easily in the morning. 

3. Ritual/Ceremony

To me ritual is anytime we set a space and time with a specific intention, in honor and reverence. Ritual can be dinner, ritual can be holding space for a friend, ritual can be walking barefoot through the night. For me it’s simply the marriage of intention, mindfulness, and reverence. So when I say ritual or ceremony, I don’t want you to feel daunted or underprepared for this sort of time. I want you to feel empowered knowing that your attention, awareness, and participatory heart are powerful tools- that can be harnessed to create realities for yourself. Yes, your awareness and attention are that powerful. So create a space for yourself. That can be anything from lush floor pillows, to candles, and incense, to a 5- 10 minute time frame that you have intentionally carved out of your day, to just be your own. Bring your crystals, set the intention to connect with the powers and lessons of the new moon. Sitting with yourself, observe what you feel, write it down, or simply be with yourself. Your reverent showing up is enough to create the bridge. Intend that you and the crystals be charged with the power of the new moon. Hold space, and know that this powerful connection is being created. Add what you’d like to the bones of this ritual I’ve set out before you. Know that the more intentional you become, the more potent the results become.

Photo Source: unsplash