5 Ways To Use A Magick Wand

5 Ways To Use A Magick Wand

Posted by Cidney Bachert on October 8th 2020

If you’ve stopped in our store in downtown Asheville or shopped online, then you may have noticed our selection of beautiful handcrafted, pewter wands. These wands are handmade in California by Willowroot Wands and can be the centerpiece of any altar space. But aside from decorating an altar, what else can you use a wand for? 

When you look for a wand, determine what it is you are looking for. Are you looking to invoke the divine feminine power within you or awaken Kundalini energy? Are you looking to honor your Celtic heritage or awaken the witch within? Determining what you are looking for from your wand is the first step on this magickal journey. 

Before you start to use your wand in your practice, you want to cleanse it and attune it to your energy as you would with any other spiritual or magickal tool. Sitting in a quiet place, close your eyes and hold the wand in your hand. Notice the energy of the wand and how it makes you feel. You could also keep a journal by your side to record any thoughts or reflections during your meditation. Sit for a few minutes and let your energy flow in and around the wand. If you are using the wand to help with an intention that you have set for yourself, you can silently repeat that intention during this process as well. Slowly open your eyes when you feel that the process has been complete, this can vary for each person. 

5 Ways to Use Your Magick Wand 

1. Casting a Circle 

Casting a circle is often done before any magickal or spiritual practice begins. This acts as a protective space and honors the ritual practice that you are about to perform. To use a wand to cast a circle, point it at the center of where you would like the circle to be and imagine a ray of light shooting from your hands, through the wand, and out to the center. Imagine the circle widening and call to the four elements, the four directions, and even your ancestors, for guidance and protection during your circle. There are many ways that a circle can be cast based on your preference and practice, so you can also do research and choose what works best for you. 

2. Cleansing Yourself 

Like a feather or smudge stick, you can use your wand to cleanse your own energy and aura. Begin at your feet and move your wand in a circular motion. Visualize any negative lifting up and away from your body like a tornado. Continue to move slowly up the body. When you reach the area above your head, or the Crown chakra, don’t release the energy out as tornadoes are an aggressive force and yours is filled with the energy that you have cleansed. Instead, picture the tornado shrinking into an orb as light as a balloon. When you are ready, release the orb upward, feeling the weight of any negative being released off of the body and floating up to space. 

3. Meditating and Activating Intentions 

Like when you first became anointed with your wand, you can use it during your meditation practices. If you are looking to invite the elements into your home or ground yourself to the earth, you can take your wand to a healing place out in nature. Whether this is the beach, a waterfall, or an open field, let the wand sit and absorb the natural energy of the space. Reflect how you feel during those moments and how the wands feels after it has sat out. If you choose to use your wand for setting and remembering intentions, you can “write” the words out in the air. Setting each letter into the air and setting it out with positive energy and love. 

4. Channeling and Focusing Energy 

The wand can act as a pointer, directing and channeling energy. You can use it as a channel when you are connecting with new crystals, a new tarot deck, or maybe even a plant that may need an energetic boost. Depending on the type of wand that you choose, you can use it on pressure points and it can act as a massage tool. This is only recommended with wands that have a round crystal on the end, so it will not harm you when pressure is applied to the skin. 

5. Pairing with a Crystal Grid 

Using a wand with a crystal grid can help to solidify the intention that you have set for the grid. Repeating the intention out loud or silently, move the wand over each crystal as if you are connecting the dots on the grid. When you reach the center of the grid, state you intention out loud and raise your wand to the sky. This is a visual representation of you sending your intention up to the universe, your Higher Power, etc. [2] 

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